Hellbound: Release date, cast, trailer and news on Netflix’s latest South Korean drama

Subscribers are already wondering if this could be the next Squid Game.


There was a time not so long ago when Netflix wouldn’t have expected a South Korean fantasy series to become a worldwide hit, but following the success of both Squid Game and My Name, the streamer is most likely crossing its fingers that its latest offering will follow suit.


Hellbound is arguably even more high-concept than those two preceding shows, taking place in a dark version of reality where demonic entities suddenly begin appearing on Earth, brutally murdering a specific individual each time before dragging their soul to a domain of eternal suffering.

Not only is this utterly horrifying to witness, but it quickly creates a whole new world order as people begin frantically repenting for past sins, with a mysterious cult claiming to know exactly why this is happening and offering guidance on how to avoid such a grim fate.

We’ll follow this unravelling drama primarily from the perspective of Jin Gyeong-hun (Yang Ik-june), a police officer who has recently suffered a terrible loss, and Min Hye-jin (Kim Hyun-joo), a self-assured lawyer who specialises in helping victims of The New Truth.

Read on for all the details on Netflix’s latest South Korean original Hellbound, including release date, cast and trailer.

Hellbound release date

The demonic monsters make short work of an unfortunate human in Hellbound.

CONFIRMED: Hellbound will be available to stream on Netflix from Friday 19th November 2021.

The series consists of six episodes in total, each one clocking in at around 50 minutes in length, making it manageable viewing for a weekend binge watch.

There’s no word yet on whether the show could return for a second season, but we’ll keep this page fresh with updates as they come in so keep checking back for more information.

Hellbound cast

Yang Ik-june leads the cast of Hellbound as police officer Jin Gyeong-hun, who is settling back into his job after an extended leave of absence following the devastating murder of his wife.

Jin’s investigation into a spate of mysterious and gruesome deaths will see him soon cross paths with ace lawyer Min Hye-jin (played by Kim Hyun-joo), who has built a reputation for taking on the formidable New Truth cult.

Yoo Ah-in portrays the leader of the cult, Jeong Jin-su, who is beloved by its members, many of whom see him as their only chance to avoid an eternity in hell.

In addition, Park Jeong-min will play Bae Yeong-jae, a television producer who also finds himself investigating the mysterious New Truth, while Won Jin-ah also stars as his wife, Hong Ji-yeong, who falls in with the dangerous group.

Hellbound also has a star director behind-the-camera, with filmmaker Yeon Sang-ho known for his work on international hit horror film Train to Busan.

Hellbound story explained

Someone receives a prophecy that they will soon die – and are bound for hell.

The story of Hellbound focuses on a terrifying phenomena that begins stalking the residents of South Korea; it begins with the individual being told the exact date and time they will die by a mysterious entity which some believe to be an angel.

In every case, the warning comes true, with giant demonic monsters appearing out of nowhere at the allotted time, beating the individual to death and dragging their soul to hell, leaving nothing but a corpse charred beyond all recognition.

People begin living in terror, desperately looking for guidance on how they can avoid such a terrible fate, with a cult named The New Truth claiming to have all the answers they seek.

A police officer and a lawyer are among those leading the investigation into the mysterious organisation, but in doing so they will paint a target on their backs as fanatics seek to punish their perceived blasphemy.

Hellbound trailer

The first trailer for Hellbound appropriately dropped mere days before Halloween, introducing the show’s spooky premise and announcing a release date in late November. Watch below.

Not long after, Netflix dropped the final trailer for Hellbound to drum up more anticipation for the dark new series, with many commenters hailing the quality of entertainment coming out of South Korea at the moment. Check it out below.


Hellbound is available to stream on Netflix from Friday 19th November. Check out more of our Fantasy coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.