Tonight (19th September 2023) will see a first for Married at First Sight, as clinical consultant Ella takes part as the show's first transgender bride.


While Ella began transitioning from the age of 16 and has been living as a trans woman for over a decade now, she says the E4 dating show was like "coming out again".

Speaking to and other press, she explained:"I came out years ago and I've had obviously all my surgery done. I can only speak on behalf of myself, so I can't speak on behalf of the whole community, but I decided to have obviously down below and my boobs and my face and everything done, which I've been very open about, but after I had it all done I felt like I was completed. I've always been happy with who I am inside, but it was the outside that didn't match.

"So I kind of went off the radar and I didn't really talk about it or I'd tell guys if I was dating them. So for me, this feels like a coming out again because now everybody knows about me rather than the boys I would date.

"I would tell them and my friends and stuff, but now everyone knows I'm really proud of it because going into this I wasn't that proud, like I was bit scared to say, 'Yeah I'm trans'. Now, I can hold my head up high and say, 'I've changed a lot of people's minds and perceptions and I've also found me.'"

Ella is hoping her appearance on the E4 dating show will help other trans girls and women.

She continued: "I've had some quite tough conversations about my transition on the show. I will say I've had the most overwhelming support - not only with the girls, but online and from other people which has been amazing. Of course I've had hate, but I'm very thick skinned.

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"I've had it all my life and there needs to be someone like me and I'm just happy that it is me doing it because some other trans girls might not feel [as confident].

"I didn't have anyone when I was younger growing up, but I'm glad that it was me because I can deal with it. I don't care that someone's called me a man, because, Terry, you're sat at home with no job or [you're] a lorry driver. I don't really care what people think!"

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