Louise Minchin reveals why she chose I’m A Celebrity over Strictly and Dancing on Ice

The former BBC Breakfast host says she's been put on a lifetime "Strictly ban".

I'm A Celebrity 2021 contestant Louise Minchin

Former BBC Breakfast star Louise Minchin will make her debut on I’m A Celebrity 2021 this Sunday.


Alongside the other contestants in the I’m A Celebrity 2021 line-up, Minchin will take on the Bushtucker Trials in a bid to be crowned Queen of the Castle.

As well as I’m A Celeb, Minchin was previously rumoured to appear on other reality TV shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing on Ice, following her exit from BBC Breakfast earlier this year.

Watching one episode of each show is enough to tell you that I’m A Celebrity is probably the least glamorous out of the three, so was there a reason why Louise decided to sign up for this show instead of the others?

“There absolutely is,” Minchin revealed to press including RadioTimes.com. “With Strictly Come Dancing, honestly, I’m absolutely hopeless at dancing. I’ve done one dancing show on the BBC ages ago and I did one dance and I literally cannot remember moves. It seems my brain is just completely, utterly incapable of remembering, so when I watch those people on Strictly and Dan [Walker], I go, ‘Oh my gosh, how can they remember that? All of that?’

“And also my children and my husband know how bad I am at dancing basically, so they put me on a lifetime ban of going on Strictly Come Dancing just for being a hugely embarrassing mum. So that’s the main reason why not to do Strictly.”

While Strictly is a complete no-go, Louise was intrigued by Dancing on Ice, saying: “I was really tempted by Dancing on Ice actually. I did think that’s a great fun show and from a sort of  sports and athletic point of view that really appealed to me as well.”

She continued: “I think for me, it was always the ultimate to be doing I’m A Celebrity just because I think it’s incredibly unique. It’s really challenging, and it really appeals to me. It sounds kind of strange, but the things I’ve done in the last few years in terms of endurance sports include jumping off ferries in the dark into waters which have killer whales swimming in them. So, I think that just appealed to my sense of adventure. It’s a huge adventure and an amazing opportunity to be a part of a huge show that people watch.”


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