Fans of the Alien franchise will have their eyes on a game that is coming very soon, which will pit them against hordes of enemies that are out to kill them - Aliens Fireteam Elite.

A very different game to one of the biggest in the franchise so far, Alien Isolation, this is an action-heavy affair that is set many years after the adventures of Ripley. It will focus on a new group of characters who are set to have a rough time of things.

But when is the game coming out, and what consoles will it be on? Read on for all the information you need!

When is the Aliens Fireteam Elite release date?

Not long left to wait now until we take aim at some aliens and blast them into oblivion! Aliens Fireteam Elite is set to be released on 24th August 2021.

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Can I pre-order Aliens Fireteam Elite?

Yep! With the game set for release next month, pre-orders are now being taken from various places on the interweb - including GAME who have it for £34.99. Amazon also has it for the same price.

What consoles will Aliens Fireteam Elite be released on?

Both iterations of the Playstation will support the game, so whether you own a PS4 or a PS5, you're good to go. Xbox will have it for both sets of their most recent consoles, while a PC release has also been confirmed.

What is Aliens Fireteam Elite about?

While being a heavily multiplayer game, there is a story here. The campaign is comprised of four story campaigns that will each be three missions long - but we don't yet know how long those campaigns are.

As for the multiplayer, we know a little more about that and, in news to please gamers everywhere, it will be completely free of loot boxes and microtransactions!

There are five different character classes that you will be able to choose from onboard the USS Endeavor, and they are Gunner, Demolisher, Technician, Doc and Recon. AI will help you on your way when you play through the story, but you can have a friend or two drop in and control them if co-op gaming is your thing. You will play as a Colonial Marine.

As for enemies, get ready to take on a lot as there are twenty different types being added at launch. More may come with future DLC, and there will be five levels of difficulty that you can choose from - good luck if you go for the hardest.

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As you can probably tell, this is a game in the Ridley Scott Alien universe that is far more action-orientated than the like of Alien Isolation, which went for a full-on survivalist horror feel. Timing-wise, this takes place 23 years after everything that went down in the original movies.

Is there a trailer for Aliens Fireteam Elite?

There is indeed. To get a taste of the carnage that awaits us, have a watch of the latest trailer below:

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