7 things we need to talk about after Saturday night’s X Factor

From Sharon's swearing to Simon's forgetfulness and Harry Styles' solo homecoming, there was a LOT going on...

Rak-Su Harry Styles X Factor Week 3

It’s tough to work out exactly what’s happening with this year’s X Factor, not least because the format seems to be consistently chopping and changing – and it did it all over again as we paid our first visit of the weekend to the show’s new-look studio for Saturday night’s live show.


Simon Cowell’s Groups went head to head with Nicole Scherzinger’s Overs, kicking off George Michael Week and providing just enough TV drama to keep the audience occupied for 90 minutes.

From the head honcho’s slip-up to Sharon’s pre-watershed swearing and “Netflix and Chill” (we’ll explain, don’t worry), here’s what you missed…

That SHOCK TWIST quadruple elimination was called off

Last Sunday night Dermot O’Leary announced that there’d be a double elimination on both the Saturday and Sunday night shows this weekend, but the host was forced to swallow his words after the SHOCK TWIST (imagine the words in that marvellously shouty X Factor announcer Peter Dickson’s voice) was called off.

Yup, in another SHOCK TWIST (that everybody probably read about when it was announced on Friday) Simon Cowell decided that it just wouldn’t be fair to send anyone home this week because they all deserved a little more air time.

Simon Cowell didn’t seem to know what was happening… again

It looks like The X Factor, it sounds like the X Factor  but do the judges actually know that this show IS The X Factor? After making a big gaffe last week, Simon Cowell slipped up once again, claiming to have forgotten what the running order for the show was before introducing his own act, Jack and Joel.

He later went on to tell Irish brothers Sean and Conor Price that they reminded him of his dogs, Squiddly and Diddly. Y’know, just because.

Jack and Joel were ultimately sent home by the viewing public, saving Simon the worry of having to remember who they are next weekend.

And neither did Nicole

Nicole Scherzinger angry at Simon Cowell on The X Factor 2017

Scherzinger seemed genuinely surprised to find she was live on air as the camera panned back to her.

Is it just us or are the judges struggling to actually remember which show they’re on this time around?

Sharon Osbourne swore before the watershed

As if bringing her kids Jack and Kelly to Judges Houses in LA wasn’t enough to convince us we’d been transported back to the days of her family’s MTV reality series The Osbournes (Kardashian fans don’t know what they’re missing), Sharon decided to get a bit sweary live on air before 9pm.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m a b***h” she told the crowd as they booed her for offering some constructive criticism to Matt Linnen.

Rak-Su were accused of ruining a George Michael classic

The band, who came out on top after last Saturday night’s show, decided to put an original spin on Faith by writing a new rap that included the phrase “Netflix and Chill”.

The response on Twitter was certainly chilly.

Kevin Davy White won the night

Not content with crowning him Sunday night champion and Prize Fight winner last weekend, viewers voted him right to the top of the pile again this weekend.

He was a massive hit with the judges too, all of whom agreed his take on Fastlove was the performance of the night.

And Harry Styles returned to the X Factor stage

The One Direction star stole the show with a crowd-pleasing performance of his new single Kiwi.

It’d leave you longing for the glory days of X Factor 2010, wouldn’t it?


The X Factor continues on ITV on Saturday and Sunday nights