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  • James Cameron (2009)
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  • 155 min
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Think Dances with Wolves in space (and in 3D) and you'll have the measure of this blockbuster from James Cameron, his first full feature since Titanic a dozen years earlier. Sam Worthington stars as a paraplegic US marine drafted to distant planet Pandora to gain the trust of the Na'vi, the blue-skinned indigenous race whose homeland lies above a large deposit of a rare and valuable mineral. There's nothing ground-breaking about the plot, with many of Cameron's favourite themes in evidence: trigger-happy marines; love in a time of chaos; man alone in a hostile environment. Sigourney Weaver is abrasive as a brash scientist, and with CCH Pounder and Wes Studi as the Na'vi clan's matriarch and patriarch, there's no shortage of acting talent to grapple with the lengthy script. And yet, as a motion-captured Worthington - controlling an alien body (or Avatar) through telepathy - is tutored in the clan's mystical ways by chief's daughter Zoë Saldana, it's the breathtakingly beautiful CGI landscape that somehow pulls the audience in on this tale of profit and progress versus nature's power and infinite variety.

Plot Summary

James Cameron's epic science-fiction fantasy, starring Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver and Zoë Saldana. Paraplegic marine Jake Sully takes over his dead brother's mission on the distant planet of Pandora, where, by fusing his mind with a genetically engineered native body, he is required to infiltrate and gather intelligence about the local population. But Jake's loyalties become divided when he discovers a clandestine plot to drive out the locals and gain access to the planet's rich mineral reserves.

Cast and crew


Jake Sully
Sam Worthington
Zoë Saldana
Dr Grace Augustine
Sigourney Weaver
Colonel Miles Quaritch
Stephen Lang
Trudy Chacon
Michelle Rodriguez
Parker Selfridge
Giovanni Ribisi
Norm Spellman
Joel David Moore
C C H Pounder
Wes Studi
Laz Alonso


James Cameron

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Theatrical distributor: 
20th Century Fox
Edited for violence and language.
Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 18 Dec 2009
Certificate 12