The creator of Manifest has rallied fans to help save the supernatural drama, which has been cancelled after three seasons by US broadcaster NBC.

The series follows passengers on a commercial flight from Jamaica to New York City, who are shocked when they land to discover that five and a half years have passed on Earth during their seemingly normal journey.

Manifest follows the aftermath this has on the individuals involved, whose lives and loved ones are torn apart by this mind-bending development.

If that wasn't enough to deal with, the passengers begin to experience voices and premonitions which add another layer of mystery to the suspenseful drama, but it's now uncertain whether fans will get the answers they crave.

On Monday 14th June, NBC announced that it had cancelled Manifest after three seasons, a decision which came down to the wire due to the show's recent surge in popularity on Netflix US.

The news sparked an impassioned outcry from disappointed fans, as Manifest was reportedly pitched as a fully mapped out six-season arc, meaning the story is abruptly ending exactly halfway through.

Creator Jeff Rake said in a tweet: "I'm devastated by NBC's decision to cancel us. That we've been shut down in the middle is a gut punch to say the least.

"Hoping to find a new home. You the fans deserve an ending to your story. Thanks for the love shown to me, cast, and crew. #SaveManifest."

The hashtag was quickly adopted by fans of the show, launching a campaign that could pull it back from the brink if it gains as much traction as past efforts relating to Lucifer and Sanditon.

Most of the tweets currently dominating have called attention to Manifest's recent addition to Netflix in the US, where it has topped the streamer's internal popularity chart. In the UK, the show is available on NOW.

"You know what's not cool?" asked one user. "Cancelling a show that is currently number one on Netflix... yikes #SaveManifest".

Manifest star Luna Blaise pledged early support to the campaign, tweeting: "In my feels tonight from all the love and support. #SaveManifest".

Meanwhile, the official Manifest Writers' Room account also got in on the action, saying "let's find a new home" as the show is shopped around alternative broadcasters and streaming services.

Manifest season three will air on Sky One later this year. While you're waiting, check out more of our Sci-Fi and Fantasy coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.