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A Discovery of Witches star promises a "satisfying conclusion"

Exclusive – Tanya Moodie says the third and final season is well worth fans’ time.

A Discovery of Witches
Published: Friday, 7th January 2022 at 1:18 pm

The third and final season of A Discovery of Witches has finally arrived, with the seven-episode run set to wrap up the stories of star-crossed vampire/witch lovers Matthew and Diana (Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer) and their supporting cast.


And according to one co-star the final series definitely sticks the landing, with actor Tanya Moodie (who plays daemon matriarch Agatha Wilson) telling us that the ending will appeal to TV viewers and hardcore fans of the books it’s based on alike.

“It’s sad to have finished, but the books are written so well, and it comes to a very satisfying conclusion,” she told “People who know the books will know how, in a sense, it wraps up.

“But obviously doing it in the world of television there are changes. You know, those people who know the books, won’t necessarily feel like, ‘Oh, I know what happens’ – because we’re telling the story in this very particular medium, so there’ll still be really interesting things and surprises and twists that they’ll be able to see.

“It’s filmed so well. Yeah, there’s going to be so much to see.”

On a personal note, Moodie added that she’d miss being a part of the fantasy drama, which began airing on Sky in 2018 and that she’d been a part of for all three series.

“It’s funny, I was just saying to my partner the other night what a blessing being involved in that series was, because, you know, you have that sense of continuity with that company of actors that you don’t normally get when you’re filming TV,” Moodie said.

A Discovery of Witches

Teresa Palmer, Olivier Huband, Alex Kingston and Steven Cree in A Discovery of Witches (Sky)

“Usually you sort of make brief connections but you don’t necessarily see each other again. Whereas with this group of people, it really did start to feel like a family, and we all did get on terribly well. You know, we got a chance to travel together – obviously in a pre-COVID world.

“It was just a really lovely, warm atmosphere. And Deborah [Harkness], who wrote the book, she was there occasionally as well, and she just kind of engendered this environment where it did feel magical and friendly and familial between all of us.”

Altogether, it looks like the people making the series and those watching it are in for one final treat – at least according to Moodie.

“I think ‘satisfied’ is the word,” Moodie concluded. “Do you know what I mean? I think it’s really beautifully shot. I think the story is really well-told.”


A Discovery of Witches season three is now streaming on NOW, with new episodes airing on Friday evenings on Sky Max. For more, check out our dedicated Fantasy page or our full TV Guide.


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