Davina McCall is returning to our screens this January to host a brand new dating show, with a twist, for Channel 4.


Set in stunning finca in Andalusia, The Language of Love will see a group of Brits and a group of Spaniards pairing up at a dreamy Spanish country estate to see if they can find romance, despite not speaking each other’s language.

So, who are the singletons looking for love on the series.

Here's everything you need to know.

The Language of Love cast


The Language of Love Tara
Tara Channel 4

Age: 32

From: Stoke-on-Trent

Job: Schools liaison officer

Tara separated from her husband three years ago. She has lived in Stoke all her life and wants to find a guy further afield, saying: "I've never had a holiday romance, so fingers crossed I'll get one."


The Language of Love Thalia
Thalia Channel 4

Age: 27

From: Surrey

Job: Football club administrator

Thalia is a mum to a seven-year-old daughter and has been single for six years. Speaking about her decision to go on the show, she said: "I would move abroad if it was the right person. I just want someone to love and to love me."


The Language of Love Tracy
Tracy Channel 4

Age: 26

From: East London

Job: Careers advisor

Tracy had her heartbroken when she found out her ex had cheated on her. She's happy for her friends settling down, but feels like it's her turn now.

"I’m at that age where I will move for love. I think you can find love anywhere and everywhere," she says.


Language of Love Cristobal

Age: 29

From: La Línea, Cádiz

Job: Nurse and barman

By day, Cristobal works as a nursing assistant. By night, he gets to unleash his charisma when he works as a barman.


The Language of Love Jose
Jose Channe; 4

Age: 27

From: Barcelona

Job: Model

Jose works as a model, and says his look has been compared to Brad Pitt! Loyalty is important to José. When he is with a girl, he wants to look after them.

“I love English girls, but I don’t have a type, per se. As long as she catches my eye and she’s beautiful on the inside, she’s perfect," he says.

Jose Carlos

The Language of Love Jose Carlos
Jose Carlos CHANNEL 4

Age: 29

From: Utrera

Job: 5-star hotel customer services

Jose Carlos loves music. He sings and plays Spanish guitar. In the past, he says that women have treated him like an object, but he is tired of that life and wants to find true love.

He says: “I’m so extroverted and I’ve met many people that can’t handle my personality.”


Akonne Channel 4

Age: 29

From: Birmingham

Job: Professional MMA fighter

Akonne has started to think about settling down and would like to have a big family of his own, saying: “I want about five kids, so I better get started soon.”


The Language of Love Arran
Arran Channel 4

Age: 26

From: Northumberland

Job: Labourer

Arran is originally from Newcastle and is a father to a girl and two boys. He has never been to Spain before. He has found looking for love while being a parent is harder, but he is open to meeting someone special.

“I used to work in a tapas restaurant and all I know about Spain is the names of different foods," he says.


Language of Love Luke
Luke Channel 4

Age: 29

From: Essex

Job: Telecoms Engineer

Luke has been single for two years after an eight-year relationship. He lives alone and is looking for companionship and someone to come home to.

He says: “I would give up anything and move anywhere across the world if it was for the right person.”


Albania Channel 4

Age: 27

From: Barcelona

Job: Karaoke bar manager

Albania’s friends describe her as the life and soul of the party. She has lived in Barcelona for 16 years and enjoys the fun that comes with her job.

“I need a man who is polite, knows what he wants and will treat me like a princess," he says.


Language of Love Kimey

Age: 23

From: Tenerife

Job: Medical student

Kimey has lived in Tenerife all her life. She describes herself as intense, flirtatious and extremely ambitious. She takes pride in her intelligence as much as her appearance.

“Love moves me, and I will do anything to have a person I love by my side," she says.


The Language of Love Lucia
The Language of Love Lucia Channel 4

Age: 24

From: Seville

Job: Make-up artist & nail technician

Lucía describes herself as spontaneous, romantic and quite sentimental.

In terms of her dream man, she says: “What I’m looking for in a relationship is loyalty, respect, charm and someone I can fall in love with.”


The Language of Love starts on Channel 4 on Tuesday 4th January at 10pm. If you’re looking for something to watch, check out our TV Guide. Visit our Entertainment hub for all the latest news.