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The Split creator reveals BBC wanted more seasons

Abi Morgan has said that she was the one to end The Split after three seasons. **CONTAINS THE SPLIT FINALE SPOILERS**

The Split
Published: Sunday, 1st May 2022 at 9:01 am
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We're approaching the end of The Split – BBC One's legal drama starring Nicola Walker – and while fans are gutted that this is the last of divorce lawyer Hannah Stern, creator Abi Morgan has revealed that the BBC wanted her to continue with the show.


Speaking to in an exclusive interview, Morgan said that she was the one to decide that the drama should end with season 3.

“It was always the plan and in fact I don’t think I’m saying anything out of turn here, the BBC would have loved us to have gone on really," she said. "But I always conceived it as three."

Morgan continued: "The Split was meant to be about the legacy of the split, and season 1 is really Hannah reflecting on her childhood and the legacy of her parents' divorce, and then two was about the affair. And then three is really about Hannah facing her own divorce. So I'd always considered it as three."

She added that if she were to continue with The Split, it would "become a different show".

The Split cast BBC

"I love writing for those characters and I'm sure I will kick myself again and again. But I also feel like how many times can you bring people back together and split them up and bring them back together.

"And the world of divorce law is so intriguing and fascinating. And that family is so amazing. I love those characters. But I just wanted to go and reinvent again somewhere else. But I always knew that I wanted to build to this because at the heart of the show is this idea that not all divorces are failure, just some marriages are finite."

While the drama reached a conclusion with Hannah and Nathan (Stephen Mangan) signing their divorce papers, Mangan has said that he would "absolutely" return for a spin-off.

Additional reporting by Abby Robinson.


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