Staff at the luxurious London hotel, The Savoy, were on high alert as Valentine's weekend approached... and walking on eggshells after Gordon Ramsay visited seven shades of hell on the Savoy Grill staff in last week's premiere.


Head butler Sean was again at the heart of the action in the ITV docuseries, after he made a misery of trainee butler Michael's life in the first episode.

Some viewers thought that his high standards were acceptable if you were paying for a butler-serviced apartment. In fact, forget decorating it with petals and crack on with the ironing.

There was even a smidgen of sympathy for Sean as he related stories of high-maintenance guests.

A viewer tweeted: "If you get upset because you can’t get a particular colour silk sheets or goat’s milk you need to have a serious word with yourself."

Sean checked in on a wealthy guest in their suite, who was in something of a crisis.

Savoy Grill Maitre d' Thierry, meanwhile, was still reeling from Chef Ramsay's visit but was frantically retraining his front-of-house staff to get them ready to serve hundreds of guests taking advantage of the £95 six-course taster menu on 14th February.

Marily Monroe even popped by. Well, a Marilyn lookalike by the name of Suzie Kennedy. And the oysters were up to the standard she expects.

The Savoy left a bitter taste for some, but for others they were ready to sample its luxury again.

"After a career involving many business lunches and much formality, I'm really not into upscale hotels and restaurants, but I'd definitely go back to @TheSavoyLondon. It's unfussy luxury. It's lovely, but friendly," said one viewer.

Junior florist Mary-Kate's struggle with her allergy to flowers continued to elicit sympathy from viewers, especially when she managed to somehow get a thorn in her mouth.

She and her boss, Belinda, were preparing £20,000 worth of flowers for the coming Valentine's events. But many of them seemed to wind up decoratively on the floor... or on the bed.. or in the bath.

A young man had hired a suite in The Savoy with river views for the afternoon to propose to his girlfriend, with more scattered rose petals.

A viewer tweeted: "#thesavoy for ten thousand pounds a night you would be gutted if your proposal got turned down #love".

Fortunately her answer was in the affirmative.

A guest said, ominously: "2020 will be a good year."

Little did they know! However, before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we have the delights of the BAFTA Film Awards to look forward to and some top-drawer celebrities on next Wednesday's episode, as The Savoy continues on ITV.


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