Whether you’re playing the game for the first time on Nintendo Switch or replaying it for the 1,000th time on the Xbox 360 (or another platform), you might want to make use of some Star Wars: The Force Unleashed cheats.


The Force Unleashed cheat codes will unlock new outfits and characters to play as, give you Force Points to spend and let you play in Godmode.

Applying cheats to a game is always a great way to get a little more fun out of the experience, especially if you’ve already completed it before. As always, though, using cheats can mess with your save file - so use them wisely!

With all that in mind, read on for the full list of Star Wars Force Unleashed cheats and to see how to use cheat codes in the game.

How to use cheats in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

To use cheats in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on the Nintendo Switch version of the game, you need to complete the prologue and first story mission to unlock the ship.

Once you have unlocked the ship, head into the Cheats menu (under Extras) to enter cheat codes.

Simply input the code you wish to activate and, as if by (Force) magic, your cheat is activated.

If you’re playing on Xbox 360, PS3 or PC, meanwhile, you can activate cheat codes by pausing the game and heading into Input Code under Game Options. Input a code and you’ll be cheating in no time.

Full list of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed cheats

Star Wars Force Unleashed cheat codes for Nintendo Switch and Wii

The full list of cheats in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on Nintendo Switch and Wii is as follows:

  • AAYLA - Aayla Secura costume
  • ACOLYTE - Asajj Ventress costume
  • BENKENOBI - Obi Wan Kenobi costume
  • CHOSENONE - Anakin Skywalker costume
  • CORTOSIS - Godmode
  • COUNTDOOKU - Increase combos to maximum level
  • DANTOOINE - Ceremonial Jedi Robes
  • DREXLROOSH - Drexl Roosh costume
  • ECLIPSE - Juno Eclipse costume
  • GRANDMOFF - Unlocks all costumes
  • HIDDENFEAR - Darth Phobos costume
  • HOLOCRON - Sith Robes
  • HOLOGRAM - Proxy costume
  • INTHEDARK - Shadow Trooper costume
  • ITSATWAP - Admiral Ackbar costume
  • JEDIMASTER - Mace Windu costume
  • KATARN - Increase force powers to maximum level
  • KLEEF - Kleef costume
  • KORRIBAN - Sith Stalker Armour
  • LEGION - 501st Legion outfit
  • LIGHTSABER - Amplified lightsaber damage
  • MANDALORE - General Rahm Kota costume
  • MARAJADE - Mara Jade costume
  • MARISBROOD - Maris Brood costume
  • MAVERICK - Qui Gon Jinn costume
  • NERFHERDER - Han Solo costume
  • NOTIMO - Chop'aa Notimo costume
  • PALPATINE - Emperor Palpatine costume
  • PAUAN - Darth Desolous costume
  • SCOUNDREL - Lando Calrissian costume
  • SECURA - Twi'lek costume
  • SERENNO - Count Dooku costume
  • SHOCKTROOP - Heavy Trooper costume
  • SITHLORD - Darth Vader costume
  • SPEEDER - 1,000,000 Force points
  • STORMTROOP - Navy Commando costume
  • T16WOMPRAT - Luke Skywalker costume
  • TK421 - Classic Stormtrooper costume
  • TOGRUTA - Shaak Ti costume
  • TYRANUS - Unlock all force powers
  • VERGENCE - Unlimited force
  • WOOKIEE - Kento's Robes
  • YELLOWJCKT - Yavin Luke costume
  • ZABRAK - Darth Maul costume

Star Wars Force Unleashed cheat codes for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

The full list of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed cheats for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC is as follows:

  • ADEGAN – Force Saber Throw at maximum level
  • BRUTALSTAB – Lightsaber stab attack
  • DANTOOINE – Ceremonial Jedi Robes
  • DARAGON – Sith Slash attack
  • DATHOMIR – Force Repel at maximum level
  • EETHKOTH – Aerial Assault attack
  • EXARKUN – Force Push at maximum level
  • FERRAL – Scout Trooper costume
  • FREEDON – Aerial combo attack
  • HARDBOILED – Blind Kota costume
  • HOLOCRON – Jedi Adventurer costume
  • HURRIKANE – All lightsaber crystals unlocked
  • JOCASTA – All Force talents maximized
  • KATARN – All Force Powers at maximum level
  • KITFISTO – Saber Sling attack
  • KORRIBAN – Sith Stalker Armour
  • LIGHTSABER – Extra Damage effect always on
  • LUMIYA – Sith Saber Flurry attack
  • MANDALORE – Master Kota costume
  • MARAJADE – Unlocks Force Combos
  • MASSASSI – Lightning Bomb attack
  • MINDTRICK – Levels in a mirrored layout
  • MOLDYCROW – All Force combos
  • OSSUS – All databank entries unlocked
  • PLOKOON – Saber Slam attack
  • PROTOTYPE – Proxy costume
  • RAGNOS – Lightning Grenade attack
  • SAZEN – Sith Throw attack
  • TK421BLUE – Storm Trooper Commander costume
  • TK421GREEN – Kashyyyk Trooper costume
  • TK421WHITE – Storm Trooper costume
  • VENTRESS – Aerial Ambush attack
  • VICEROY– Bail Organa costume
  • WOOKIEE – Master Kento costume
  • YADDLE – Aerial Blast attack

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