Over the Moon

Over the Moon

Thornton Freeland (1937)

U Certificate


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Box-office reaction was not in accordance with the title. This was one of two early Technicolor movies set up by Alexander Korda for Merle Oberon - the other was The Divorce of Lady X - and her frozen-faced acting does little for the role of a sudden heiress who is helped in squandering her money by Ursula Jeans among others. Rex Harrison, as a village doctor, doesn't help much, either, though it is interesting to see him in a non-cad role. There's usually a quaint charm about this sort of dated attempt at British sophistication, but it's not much in evidence here. This was finally released three years after being made.


A housekeeper inherits a fortune, but her newfound wealth comes between her and the doctor she had hoped to marry, who has no desire to be wealthy. She soon finds herself pursued by men who hope to marry into money, while the doctor who loves her finds his career harmed by his reputation for walking away from such a windfall. Romantic comedy, starring Merle Oberon and Rex Harrison.

Cast & Crew

Jane Benson Merle Oberon
Dr Freddie Jarvis Rex Harrison
Millie Ursula Jeans
John Flight Robert Douglas
Pietro Louis Borel
Julie Zena Dare
Lord Petcliffe Peter Haddon
Guy Mackenzie Ward
Director Thornton Freeland
Director William K Howard
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourAvailable on: video
Comedy Drama