Takaya Honda reveals inspiration behind David’s fabulous Neighbours lip-sync routine

And what giant easter egg was hidden in today's episode?

neighbours mackenzie hargreaves david tanaka

There was a great deal of fun to be found in Neighbours today as the Channel 5 soap aired a lip-syncing episode that saw several Erinsborough residents take to the stage in a bid to beat their opposition. Step aside, RuPaul!


While two ended up in a very public brawl with the tension between Dipi Rebecchi and Amy Greenwood (Sharon Johal and Jacinta Stapleton) coming to a head, others used the moment to shine and one of the standouts was David Tanaka (Takaya Honda).

Going up against Mackenzie Hargreaves, David gave a rousing performance and busted some moves that most of us did not know he had. Takaya Honda spoke exclusively to RadioTimes.com about the fabulous performance.

“Quite a lot of it was Takaya,” Honda said. “Originally Ben Turland had put together a few moves for me for a short part of the song that we were told they would be using, but on the day it turned out we were doing the entire song so we had to improvise a large part of it. So there was a bit of Ben Turland in there, but a lot of Takaya too.”

mackenzie david neighbours

It turns out that a Ben Turland/Takaya Honda dance and lip-synch mash-up is just what we needed to see to brighten up a cold February afternoon!

Another highlight from today’s episode was Karl Kennedy and Toadfish Rebecchi (Alan Fletcher and Ryan Moloney) performing a song called ‘Don’t It Make You Feel Good’ – a song that fans will know as a single from Paul Robinson actor himself Stefan Dennis back in the 80s.

This is the first time the song has been played in the show itself, although it was briefly mentioned many years ago when a character was singing it under their breath as they walked past Paul.


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