Hollyoaks has released an exciting new trailer teasing what fans can expect when it returns to our screens in September.


The soap has officially gone off air - for now - as the last episodes completed before lockdown aired, but with cast and crew already back filming and some scenes already shot being saved for the autumn relaunch, we've had a tantalising first-look taster from Hollyoaks in the shape of a 60-second preview clip.

Here are our hand-picked highlights of Hollyoaks' big comeback.

Walter stops Stitchell wedding?

hollyoaks trailer walter

The 'finale' cliffhanger had homophobic Walter Deveraux vowing to stop grandson Mitchell Deveraux marrying boyfriend Scott Drinkwell after Toby Faroe deliberately spilled the beans, and the trailer shows the riled reverend storm the lavish-looking wedding. Can Mitchell fully commit to Scott and persuade Walter to accept his sexuality, or is it an unhappy ever after for the doomed duo?

Celeste gets a nasty surprise

hollyoaks trailer celeste

Whether or not Scott and Mitchell tie the knot, there's lots going on elsewhere in the on-location wedding scenes, including a showdown between Mitchell and his terrifying triplet siblings, Toby Faroe and Celeste Faroe, ending with Toby losing his temper and Celeste making a shocking discovery. "What did we do?" she gasps. What, indeed?

Felix has three girls on the go?

Hollyoaks felix westwood

Player Felix Westwood is already bedding old flame Martine Deveraux and lusty Lisa Loveday, and he's making eyes at Grace Black on the reception dance floor. They've already hooked up once, back when he arrived in the village, so is he planning to three-time all the ladies? That can't end well.

Goodbye Lisa

hollyoaks lisa loveday

We know Lisa Loveday is leaving the show in the autumn, and her sassy credo of: "Live your life like there's no yesterday!" sounds like she's decided to move on, but what causes the sudden epiphany? Does she discover Felix is cheating? Or is there more to her departure?

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Abuser Buster returns

hollyoaks buster smith

We get a glimpse of evil Buster Smith as Brody Hudson faces his childhood abuser in prison. In the last remaining new episodes Brody was haunted by his teenage trauma as he struggled to deal with the fact his charges against Buster were dropped, and he was only found guilty of abusing Ollie Morgan. Will seeing his nemesis again bring closure for Brody, or more misery?

Tony's terrifying transformation

hollyoaks trailer tony

Edward Hutchinson's plot to secretly poison son Tony Hutchinson with testosterone in order to turn him into an aggressive, angry mess progresses as Hollyoaks' longest-serving resident begins to behave erratically. Wife Diane Hutchinson looks anxious, while Edward is pleased his plan to have his daughter-in-law all to himself and assume the role of head of the Hutchinson clan gathers pace… How far will Tony's transformation go?

Juliet and Peri's first kiss

hollyoaks trailer peri juliet

December's flash forward (here's where you can familiarise yourself with the ambitious experiment's 10 big talking points) will be that bit closer when the soap returns, and the foundations are being laid for Juliet Nightingale and Peri Lomax's affair we know we're building to as the girls share their first kiss. What does that mean for Peri's romance with bad boy Jordan Price?

Jordan and Leela caught in the act?

hollyoaks jordan peri leela

Talking of Jordan, it looks like he's been caught canoodling with Peri's mum Leela Lomax, possibly by a stunned Juliet. Does this give her the ammunition she needs to persuade Peri to be with her instead?

Sid feels the pressure of county lines

hollyoaks sid sumner Juliet nightingale

Juliet is also still deeply entrenched in the county lines drug dealing storyline, and the trailer shows an intense exchange between her and Sid Sumner as they feel the pressure of being part of the sinister trafficking ring that's using the local teens. The operation's big boss, Victor, looks to be threatening Juliet, but despite concerned Sid's warnings she's loving the money and status being a dealer brings. But is she in over her head?

John Paul cheats on George with James?

hollyoaks John paul james george

Thought this love triangle was done? Think again - John Paul McQueen is loved up with hunky new man PC George Kiss, but getting suspiciously close to ex-lover James Nightingale as the cute copper warns: "It's him - or me," in tense scenes. Is tortured James so desperate to be with JP he's prepared to be his 'bit on the side'?

Cher eyes up romance with Romeo

Hollyoaks Romeo Cher

Newcomer Cher Winters is settling in nicely as the newest McQueen in the village, and she's caught the attention of some of the locals. Romance with heart-throb Romeo Nightingale has been teased but the teens' furtive looks promise a full-on fling by the time we hit the autumn. What will protective dad Sylver McQueen have to say about that? And should someone warn Cher that Romeo's last girlfriend suffered a tragic demise?

Calm before the storm for Ollie and Brooke?

hollyoaks trailer brooke ollie

Another couple basking in the glow of young love are Brooke Hathaway and Ollie Morgan, who are kissing and cuddling without a care in the world. Giving their baby up for adoption and the suicide of Brooke's stepdad Kyle tested the twosome, and the flash forward showed Ollie in a drug-induced stupor sobbing about missing someone by the time we reach December. How does Ollie go from this loved-up moment to total ketamine-induced despair?


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