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5 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week: Deveraux devastation, and Liam targets Mercedes

Plus Juliet expands her drug dealing sideline

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Published: Sunday, 8th March 2020 at 8:00 am

Mitchell Deveraux came out of the closet, but he's about to be followed by a whole host of skeletons that will further tear his fractured family apart as long-held secrets look set to be exposed.


Troubled Toby Faroe prepares to make a game-changing announcement at his secret long-lost twin's birthday bash, while Liam Donovan ups the intimidation of his enemies and the county lines plot ends in one of the local teens getting arrested. Here's our rundown of all the Hollyoaks spoilers for 9-13 March 2020.

Deveraux devastation

hollyoaks deveraux family

It's no coincidence the Deverauxs were named after a family from Dynasty, as their biggest storyline is something of a tribute to the high-octane melodramatic sagas memorably served up by the 1980s super soap. A long-lost twin given away at birth for murky reasons, then coming back for revenge 20 odd years later on the mother that rejected him, while the son she kept deals with his sexuality struggle that has blown the clan apart - all that's missing is a trip to La Mirage and a catfight in a lily pond and we're back in Denver.

As Mitchell makes another attempt to build bridges with homophobic grandfather Walter, he's unaware Toby is about to reveal his true identity in the most public way possible. Can Celeste Faroe stop her hotheaded husband blowing their endgame? She might be too busy tearing off teen toy boy Romeo Nightingale's clothes to care. Get ready for fireworks.

Liam's losing it

hollyoaks mercedes mcqueen

Having spent the last few weeks talking to his dartboard of doom as he takes shots at publicity pictures of his enemies, Liam Donovan reveals his twisted revenge plan to Grace Black. Unsurprisingly she fears her little brother is seriously losing the plot and tries to calm him down, but it's going to take more than a camomile tea and a mindfulness app to talk the gangster down. The ultimate target appears to be his old flame Mercedes McQueen, who aborted a baby that may have been his, so it's surely no coincidence when the landlady receives a funeral wreath with her name on it…

Juliet arrested

hollyoaks juliet nightingale

You'll be watching through your fingers as vulnerable Juliet Nightingale is manipulated further by drug baron Jordan Price, who is back in the village this week with another trafficking job for his latest recruit. Instructing her to push his product in different schools by posing as a pupil wearing stolen ties to blend in, Jordan flashes that chilling smile promising his prodigy the power and status she craves. Then PC George Kiss recognises Juliet from Hollyoaks High and she ends up arrested and jailed - will Juliet's family discover how deeply she's fallen into the county lines chaos?

Lovesick Liberty

hollyoaks liberty savage

There's a certain inevitability to Liberty Savage falling for baby daddy Brody Hudson, as most surrogacy storylines seem to reach a point where the platonic biological parents-to-be end up betraying the third person in the triangle and getting it on. While their conception of Sienna Blake's longed-for child was, according to Lib, "Brief but perfectly functional," it's predictably pushed the couple closer and there is much pining from Ms Savage in the coming week. Don't worry, Sienna is on her way back soon, but just how cosy will her fella and her sister be by then?

Ollie's struggle

hollyoaks ollie morgan

Finally, and in other baby-related traumas, Ollie Morgan is trying to process putting his newborn son up for adoption, which girlfriend Brooke Hathaway seems to have a much better handle on. Brooke's stoic insistence it was the right thing to do is at odds with Ollie's attitude, who has already been driven to take drugs to numb his pain. Seeing as the aforementioned Jordan is skulking around again, let's hope the lad can avoid further temptation.


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