Grace Black (Tamara Wall) is blackmailed by Fergus Collins (Robert Beck) into signing over the Loft, so she retaliates by digging into his dodgy businesses - will she discover his sleazy secret webcams?


Cleo McQueen (Nadine Mulkerrin) lapses back into bulimia when she becomes obsessed with getting revenge on her abuser, two locals contemplate leaving the village for good, and Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) tries to make Luke Morgan (Gary Lucy) jealous.

Here are all your Hollyoaks spoilers for 28th June – 2 July 2021.

Fergus blackmails Grace

hollyoaks grace black fergus collins

With her empire crumbling thanks to Fergus sabotaging the Loft's relaunch, Grace has to think on her feet to protect her livelihood or she'll be forced to concede defeat to the cunning Mr Collins. The baddie with the buzz cut then starts to play proper dirty by lying to the police about the accident and getting Grace arrested.

Slyly offering to change his false statement in exchange for Grace signing over the Loft to him, Fergus reckons he's got the ballsy blonde exactly where he wants her, but never underestimate Ms Black: she steals his laptop to dig for dirt she can use against him, not realising she's on the cusp of exposing his sleazy livestream webcam business. Can Fergus get his machine back before Grace works out the password to hack into it?

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Cleo relapses as Toby flees

hollyoaks cleo mcqueen

The recent sighting of her childhood abuser Pete triggers painful memories for Cleo, pushing her into a quest for revenge and a bulimia relapse. Her unhealthy obsession with bringing Pete to justice jeopardises her mental health, as well as her job as she starts skiving off to track down the baddie.

Toby Faroe (Bobby Gordon) is troubled by his girlfriend's behaviour after making a shocking discovery, and feels he's left with no choice but to escape the village. While he writes a letter to mum Martine Deveraux (Kelle Bryan) explaining his sudden decision, Nana McQueen (Diane Langton) offers Cleo comfort after catching her binge eating. But how will the struggling nurse react if Toby abandons her?

Luke and Cindy reunite?

hollyoaks luke morgan cindy cunningham

Luke doesn't want to be anywhere near Cindy after their messy split so it's more than a little tense on the burger stall when she has to cover for Tom Cunningham (Ellis Hollins) and the former lovers are forced to spend time together. Mandy Richardson (Sarah Jayne Dunn) tries to make Luke see Cind was only looking out for him by banishing drama magnet Ollie Morgan (Gabriel Clark), and reveals she's set up secret social media accounts to keep tabs on him.

Thawing slightly, Luke reaches out to his ex and it looks like they might be back on, until impulsive Cindy cosies up to Shaq Qureshi (Omar Malik) to make Mr Morgan jealous and realise what he's missing. Can the couple make amends before doing irreparable damage to their rocky relationship?

Will Courtney leave the village?

hollyoaks courtney campbell

Following that unfortunate incident where pupil Sid Sumner (Billy Price) lied they were sleeping together, Courtney Campbell (Amy Conachan) becomes more convinced it might be time for a fresh start away from Hollyoaks High - in fact, away from Hollyoaks altogether.

When she's called for a job interview at a school all the way up in Scotland, the chemistry teacher keeps from the Lomaxes while she gets her head around a possible move, but she must come clean eventually and ends up getting conflicting advice from friends and family. Will Court be starting a new term in a new town?

Elsewhere on Hollyoaks

hollyoaks celeste faroe
  • James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan) is taken aback when Celeste Faroe (Andrea Ali) tells him she wants to pursue a career in law and asks for a job. Sure, she's not no formal qualifications or experience of any kind, and is secretly covering up her brother's murder of their cousin, but hopefully none of that will get in the way. Slinky Celeste looks like she'd fit right in with the glamorous gang at Dee Valley Law, though how would alpha female Verity Hutchinson (Eva O'Hara) feel about the competition?
  • Awkward conversation alert, as Tom panics Yazz Cunningham (Haiesha Mistry) when he tells her the condom split the last time they slept together and the topic of having children shoots to the top of the agenda. The couple aren't always on the same page about how they see their future, with Yazz full of career ambition and sensible Tom already calculating his risk-averse pension payout at the age of 21. So do kids figure in their life plans or not?

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