Hollyoaks’ Kelle Bryan says “changes are happening” on soap after Rachel Adedeji’s accusations

The actress said that she was "grateful that our voices are finally being heard" by Channel 4.

Kelle Bryan - Getty

Actress Kéllé Bryan has insisted that “changes” are “finally” happening at the Channel 4 soap, after her co-star Rachel Adedeji called out Hollyoaks‘ “disingenuous” response to Black Lives Matter.


Hollyoaks had previously announced that it would be commissioning a podcast series about racism, featuring Bryan.

However, Adedeji released a statement on her Twitter account, claiming Hollyoaks’ move was “performative” and listing a number of racial micro aggressions that she and other black cast members have allegedly endured while on the show – claims which Hollyoaks are now investigating.

Speaking on Loose Women on Monday, Bryan has since defended the soap and podcast, stating, “There are changes that are happening. I’m really grateful that our voices are finally being heard.

“There are changes in terms of influence over scripts, the direction of storylines, and also having a podcast, which will give black cast members the opportunity to speak from the heart about their own experiences and help to educate our audience.”

She added, “It’s really important. It’s a series of podcasts that are going to happen over the next few weeks.”

Over the weekend, a statement shared on the official Hollyoaks Instagram account said: “Hollyoaks has zero tolerance on racism. We are taking Rachel Adedeji extremely seriously and are investigating.”


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