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Callum reveals the truth to Ben – will the EastEnders couple split?

The truth hurts in Walford.

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Published: Tuesday, 27th April 2021 at 10:56 am

Wedding bells may well be getting ready to chime for popular couple Ben Mitchell and Callum Highway (Max Bowden and Tony Clay) in EastEnders, but Callum has been keeping a troubling secret from his husband to be.


Fans of the BBC soap know that Callum has been working with his police colleagues to bring down Phil (Steve McFadden) under the ruse that it is someone else they want, but he knows full well that his relationship could be destroyed if the truth came out.

In scenes to come next week, the truth does indeed emerge and it could be the end of the road for the couple. Brace yourselves Ballum fans, this might be a tense few days!

The drama unfolds when Callum's concerns intensify that Ben and Phil may have played a part Kush's death. In part that's thanks to Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty), who refuses to attend the wedding because she is convinced the Mitchells were involved.

Ben, meanwhile, is planning a surprise by inviting Callum's gran, Violet (Gwen Taylor) for a visit. He hopes that Callum will appreciate the gesture, but unfortunately the plan backfires. Ben and Violet don't see eye to eye after she notices the tension between him and Callum...

Callum's doubts over Ben's innocence niggle away at him, until eventually he asks Ben outright if he had anything to do with Kush's death. When Ben protests his innocence and makes it clear that there will be no lies between them in their marriage, Callum feels compelled to reveal his own secret.

Ben is stunned and furious by the revelation and it seems that the relationship could well be on the verge of coming to a dramatic end. But if the two do split up as a result of Callum's deceit, will Ben decide that Phil should know all about it - and what will that mean for Callum's safety?


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