Doctor Who’s greatest crossover videos – from Harry Potter and Buffy to Sherlock and Star Wars

Ever wanted to see the Tenth Doctor save the Quiddich World Cup? Or see the Eleventh Doctor team up with Jean Luc Picard to fight the Cybermen? Here are some of the best Doctor Who mash-ups...

Not content with just Doctor Who, fans – and some professional writers too – are constantly mashing up the series with other TV shows and films, often with weird and wonderful results. 


So which are the best crossovers between Doctor Who and universes such as Star Wars, Sherlock and, er, Eastenders? Well, have combed the internet to find out. 

But do you a different opinion? Let us know below if we’ve missed any and a follow-up article might be in order… 

Harry Potter and the Dalek invasion of the Quidditch World Cup

The pile of ‘Potter Who’ fan hybrid creations is more vast than Ron Weasley’s array of shocked faces, but perhaps one of the best is this video by eloquently named Youtube user MasterPoop, who took the fourth film, Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire, and digitally manipulated a dramatic moment where Voldemort’s Death Eaters take over the Quidditch World Cup – replacing them with an equally terrorising nemesis: the Daleks. Miraculously, tenth Doctor David Tennant turns up! Hardly a shock, seeing as he’s actually in the film playing the slightly more evil Barty Crouch Jr.

“I will find Who and kill Who…”


It looks like Clara wasn’t the only one Missy gave the Doctor’s number to… Yep, Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor gets more than he bargained for when he answers the phone in this  fan-made clip, which splices a scene from The Bells of St John with Liam Neeson’s iconic ‘I will find you’ speech from Taken. And let’s face it: if there was anyone who could find the Doctor in 1207, it’s probably trained killer and ‘getting his family kidnapped’ enthusiast Bryan Mills.