How to watch The Magicians season 5 in the UK

Can't wait for season 5 of The Magicians to arrive in the UK? Here's how to watch the fantasy series.

The Magicians

UK fans of Syfy series The Magicians are sorted TV-wise for the rest of November as season five arrives on Amazon Prime Video in the next few days.


Unfortunately, it looks as if this will be the last season we’ll get of the fantasy show after Syfy decided to cancel the series in the summer.

While season five originally aired in the States back in January, all 13 episodes are finally crossing the pond, and while Jason Ralph won’t be returning to the show, there’s still a lot to get excited about.

Here’s everything you need to know about The Magicians season 5 and how to watch it in the UK.

When does The Magicians season 5 arrive in the UK?

Season five arrives on Amazon Prime Video on Thursday 26th November for UK fans.

The series was broadcast on Syfy in the US back in January and ran until April.

What happens in The Magicians season 5?

The Magicians

After the dramatic events of the last series’ finale, season five looks at the aftermath of Quentin’s (Jason Ralph) death and how his friends are struggling to move on without him.

After Margo and Eliot were transported 300 years into the future at the end of the last episode, season five picks up with them discovering that Fen and Josh have been overthrown by a Dark Wizard whilst trying to correct the situation.

Meanwhile, in the present day, Penny and Julia are dealing with a surge of excess magic which causes a meteor storm, with Penny being recruited by Dean Fogg to be a Brakebills professor, while Julia and Alice attempt to conduct a seance to talk to the late Quentin.

With Fillory in chaos after Quentin’s death, season five is bound to be an exciting last hurrah for The Magicians.

The Magicians season 5 cast

The Magicians

Unfortunately for Quentin Coldwater fans, Jason Ralph won’t be returning for season five after his character scarified himself to stop Everett during last season’s devastating finale.

However, most of the cast appear in the upcoming season, including Stella Maeve (Julia Wicker), Olivia Taylor Dudley (Alice Quinn), Hale Appleman (Eliot Waugh), Arjun Gupta (William ‘Penny’ Adiyodi), Rick Worthy (Henry Fogg(, Summer Bishil (Margo Hanson), Jade Tailor (Kady Orloff-Diaz), Trevor Einhorn (Josh Hoberman) and Brittany Curran (Fen).

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about Ralph’s exit from the show, executive producer Sera Gamble said: “It’s not that Quentin’s story is done on The Magicians. It is that Jason Ralph is no longer a series regular on the show, and Quentin Coldwater is dead on the show, and the story moving forward is about the aftermath of that.”

“Jason has left the show, and Quentin is dead, and a lot of season five is about what happens next, just as when somebody dies in our lives, the next season of our life is about what happens,” she added.

The Magicians season 5 trailer

A trailer for season 5 of The Magicians was released in December 2019 – you can take a look below.


The Magicians season 1-4 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. See what else is on with our TV Guide.