Kemono Jihen, billed as a horror-fantasy, follows the story of ghoul-human, Kabane.


Orphan Kabane’s harsh aunt works him hard like an anime Cinderella, and is known around the town for his dishevelled appearance and foul smell.

Kabane, who is mostly a renegade, befriends a detective who’s summoned from the city to investigate the occult murders of animals in the rural town.

The first season, released January this year and finishing a few months after, gave us 12 episodes and we’re already eager for more.

Read on for your guide to Kemono Jihen season two.

Kemono Jihen season 2 release date speculation

We haven’t caught word of an official release date just yet but if production has already started then we could be watching season two in early 2023, based on how long it usually takes to bring an anime series to life.

What will Kemono Jihen season 2 be like?

The plot for the next season will most likely take inspiration from the already written and released Manga series it’s adapted from. The official source of the Manga can be found here.

The Manga edition, at 13 volumes so far, is yet to have an English publisher. The first series covers six volumes in total so if you do the maths, we definitely have enough content for an entertaining second series.

Is there a Kemono Jihen season 2 trailer?

There's no official trailer just yet, but check back on this page as we'll keep it up to date.

Who will feature in the Kemono Jihen English dub cast?

Voice actor heavyweight Patrick Seltz, responsible for his portrayal of Detective Kohachi Inugami, has amassed over 500 appearances during his career, so is likely to return.

The main cast members for the English dub are:

  • Madeleine Morris as Kabane Kasuka
  • Patrick Seitz as Kohachi Inugami
  • AJ Beckles as Shiki
  • Cassie Ewuru as Akira
  • Matt Shipman as Mihai
  • Brittany Lauda as Kon
  • Kevin K Gomez as Nobimaru
  • Ben Balmaceda as Yui

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