Ed Balls’ wife Yvette Cooper in hysterics over his late night Strictly Come Dancing exercises

The former MP takes his Strictly training home, much to his wife's amusement


So determined is Ed Balls to be a gazelle on the dance floor he’s taken to lying on the kitchen floor as part of his Strictly Come Dancing prep.


Sure his wife Yvette Cooper is laughing hysterically while documenting this core exercise routine for all of us to enjoy. Sure he could be doing some chores, like folding up that washing. But his partner Katya Jones has ordered some extra prep and by golly he’s going to do it. In a suit no less.

It’s just waiting to be photoshopped into other pictures, isn’t it? But for now, Balls is enjoying the reaction to his efforts:

Strictly Come Dancing returns Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th September on BBC1


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