Let's face it, most of us could do with a few handy DIY tips, couldn't we?


Jay and Dom's Home Fix is here to help, as The Repair Shop legends Jay Blades and Dom Chinea talk you through home hacks and suggest easy ways to improve your surroundings. By the end of the series you won't recognise your living room for all the new furniture you've made and restored!

Jay's motto is "plan to avoid disappointment", so in that spirit we've rounded up everything you need to know about the show, ahead of Monday's first episode.

What time does Jay and Dom's Home Fix start?

Jay and Dom's Home Fix airs every weekday at 3:45pm on BBC One from Monday 15th February.

What is Jay and Dom's Home Fix about?

If you're sick of the sight of your own four walls, don't worry. Stars of The Repair Shop, Jay Blades and Dom Chinea are on a mission to help you spruce up the place (although sadly they're not offering to empty the ever-full dishwasher).

They'll teach us how to make furniture from scratch and give us the confidence to take on repair projects around the house, in their new series all about the love of craftsmanship.

The series starts with instructions on how to build an ottoman (finally, somewhere to put all those towels!) with other episodes including how-to guides for hanging shelves, tips for laying a garden path and even advice on how to make an outdoor bar. Jay and Dom will also teach us how to transform trash into treasure with projects such as turning old dining room chairs into a fancy bench, and making a bird bath from old crockery. Plus there'll be archive footage from other BBC shows with lots more helpful home advice.

Who is Jay Blades?

50-year old Jay is a furniture restorer, best known for presenting beloved BBC hit The Repair Shop. He also hosts Money for Nothing and his own home improvement show, Jay Blades' Home Fix. You may have seen him on various gameshows too, including The Wheel and Richard Osman's House of Games.

Who is Dom Chinea?

Dom is another expert on The Repair Shop, specialising in metal work. He has previously worked as a graphic designer, car restorer and set designer. We don't know his age, but we do know that he is married to wife Maria (sorry to all of you Googling in hope...)

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What is Jay Blades' Home Fix?

If you thought this show sounded familiar then don't panic, you weren't imagining things. Home Fix was originally a solo project for Jay, with 10 episodes still available on BBC iPlayer. However it seems he was getting quite lonely in the workroom with only tools to talk to, so Jay has invited his Repair Shop colleague to join the fun. Apparently we can expect the same DIY hacks and home improvement tips, but with added bromance.

"What you’ve got with me and Dom on Home Fix is the real banter that sometimes we don’t see in The Repair Shop,” says Jay. “It’s almost as if you’re watching a live show because of the fun we’ve had in making this. What we’ve done to paving slabs is genius!”

We're officially intrigued...


Jay and Dom's Home Fix airs every weekday at 3:45pm on BBC One. To find out what else is on, check out our TV Guide.