Succession season 3 follows up Kendall cliffhanger and fans are loving it

"10 minutes into season 3, I’m team Kendall for sure."

Kendall (Jeremy Strong) in Succession season 3

*Contains spoilers for Succession season 3, episode 1*


HBO’s Succession is finally back on our screens and reaction to the much-hyped season 3 premiere has been extremely positive – which bodes well for the rest of this new season.

Viewers will remember that season two drew to a close in dramatic circumstances when Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) appeared set to take the fall for some dodgy dealings, only to instead throw his father under the proverbial bus in the most public way possible.

The first episode of the third season saw Kendall and his media mogul father Logan (Brian Cox) at war, but it was a reference back to the first season that proved to have the biggest impact on fans, as Kendall – who was responsible for the drowning death of a waiter – teased Greg (Nicholas Braun) with the possibility that he might be a killer.

Having him covertly admit his crime was a bold move from the character who seemingly still has many fans on his side, with one saying on Twitter: “I am ready for this new season. I have waited for too long to see the evil that Kendall Roy would be. I want to watch him get his revenge on everyone who made him feel less in S2”.

“10 minutes into season 3, I’m team Kendall for sure” added another.

Strong himself recently weighed in on his character’s actions, saying to EW: “I think I saw into the heart of darkness that is my father and I saw something final and evil. I’ve always known he’s a monster […] but I think this was of a different character. I saw that he, in a way, had no soul.”

With the third season having finally reached our screens, fans might be left wondering how much life Succession has left in it. When asked when the series will end, creator Jesse Armstrong recently told Variety: “I don’t have a good definitive answer to that. All I know is there’s a promise in the ‘Succession’ title, and it can’t go on forever.”

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