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Martin Freeman says Sherlock reunion is "possible", backing the idea of a film version

He is still "very proud of the show".

Sherlock – Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman
Published: Thursday, 18th March 2021 at 8:23 pm

We're trying not to get over-excited. But all this talk of a Sherlock film sounds rather excellent, and a visit to Baker Street really would go down a treat right now.


Benedict Cumberbatch was recently asked whether the hit BBC series could ever come back, to which he gave every actor's favourite reply, "never say never", but also suggested that a film might work better than more episodes.

Of course we'd take anything. A film, a series, a podcast - even a five minute sketch would be great.

Now, in an interview with Collider, Martin Freeman has agreed that he can see the show working on the big screen.

"I think [a film] is possible. It might be more likely [than a series]" he says, considering the idea. "I think we’ve all left it so that it’s not a full stop, it’s just a big ellipsis or a big pause. To be honest, I’m a big believer in not outstaying your welcome, but I really liked doing it. I’m very proud of the show. It’s been a while now, it’s four years since a new one was on TV, so maybe the more likely thing is a one-off.”

It certainly sounds like a great idea to us. Of course Freeman is busy with a second series of Sky comedy Breeders right now, among other projects, and Cumberbatch is working on films including Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Neither of the stars is short of work, but wouldn't a Sherlock reunion be ace?

Let's hope Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are inspired by the thought of writing a film. If Downton Abbey can do it, we don't see why Sherlock can't follow suit...


All four series of BBC One's Sherlock are available to watch on Netflix. To find out what's on telly tonight, check out our TV Guide.


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