Ant and Dec will discover their shocking family history in a new two-part show for ITV.


Titled Ant and Dec’s DNA Journey, the Who Do You Think You Are?-style series sees the popular double act navigate their maternal and paternal blood lines using their DNA to uncover their ancestral history, with the help genealogists and historians.

The pair will discover that one of their great-grandfathers is a celebrated war hero, while one is a DNA cousin with a former US female wrestling promoter. One of them has a relative whose bones were deemed ‘of historical importance’, and one of them will discover they have descended from royalty (eat your heart out, Danny Dyer).

The stories of Ant and Dec’s ancestors will be peppered with the duo’s trademark warm sense of humour, as the documentary treats viewers to a rare and personal glimpse into their remarkable friendship and close bond.

Discussing the upcoming programme, Ant said: “I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to historical events, so to get the chance to research our family history using our DNA was too good an opportunity to pass up.

“What we find out is mind-blowing and nothing either of us could ever have imagined. It’s something that will stay with us both forever."

Dec added: “A huge part of this was to find out my heritage, especially on my dad’s side.

“I always thought I knew a fair bit about where I came from but it turns out I was wrong! Whilst it was incredible to find out about the past, what was hugely overwhelming was to meet relatives neither of us knew we had. It was a truly amazing experience."

Siobhan Greene, who commissioned the show when she was ITV’s Head of Entertainment, said: “This documentary captured Ant and Dec at an intersection in their lives. I feel sure the ITV viewers will be on the edge of their seats watching twists and turns of their DNA journey unfold, and their honesty and openness, will leave a lasting heart print.”

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Filming on the programme started in early 2018, before the show was reportedly shelved following Ant’s drink-driving arrest and return to rehab.

"Filming has stopped because Ant has gone back into rehab and stepped down from TV commitments this year,” an ITV source told The Sun.


Ant & Dec’s DNA Journey is coming soon to ITV