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This Country star Daisy May Cooper reveals she and brother Charlie are writing a period comedy

Duo behind hit mockumentary are working on something completely different to Kerry and Kurtan.

Daisy May Cooper
Published: Monday, 10th August 2020 at 12:26 am

Star of BAFTA TV Award-winning mockumentary This Country, Daisy May Cooper has revealed she and her brother Charlie have started writing a period comedy.


Daisy played Kerry Mucklowe in three series of the BBC Three hit, while co-writer Charlie played her cousin Kurtan in the beautifully observed comedy about the dead-end life of young adults in a small Cotsworld village. It won the Scripted Comedy and Female Performance in a Comedy BAFTA Awards in 2018.

The new series couldn't be further from This Country and Cooper was thrilled.

She told Kate Thornton on her White Wine Question Time podcast: "Charlie and I have started writing our new thing, which is very, very different. It's a period thing, so it couldn't be more different from This Country, but it's funny.

"It's just been brilliant actually, writing for different characters because, for This country, you couldn't write for 'names', for famous actors... it had to be [for] unknowns, so this is actually quite funny to have an actor in mind and be able to write a part for them specifically.

"It's very, very early days, but we're really enjoying it.

She said she and Charlie had to write something completely different otherwise all their characters would have sounded like Kerry and Kurtan.


"Actually, when we started writing this new thing, we started writing these new characters and it wasn't until halfway through we said, 'We've just written Kerry and Kurtan again! We're going to have to scrap it'."

Cooper said they were anxious about ever being able to act as anything other than Kerry and Kurtan. "You just doubt yourself and [think] that was a massive fluke and we're never going to be able to write anything again. But I think the more we're getting into this new thing... it's just really exciting."

All was not completely happy at the House of Cooper, however. "We're meant to be working this week, but he's f**ked off camping with his girlfriend to Normandy. I sent him a text message this morning saying, 'Don't talk to me'!"

Cooper revealed that to complicate the situation, their mother always took Charlie's side in disputes. "Always! She definitely loves him more, but I'm the more talented one, so it's fine."


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