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Peep Show could have ended with a spin-off movie

The El Dude Brothers almost took a trip across the pond

Peep Show
Channel 4
Published: Wednesday, 15th April 2020 at 12:56 pm

Channel 4's cult hit Peep Show could have ended with a movie, according to one of its stars.


Isy Suttie played Dobby in the long-running sitcom, an IT technician introduced as a love interest for Mark (David Mitchell), but who Jeremy (Robert Webb) later finds himself head-over-heels for.

At the end of series eight, the pair fight it out for her affection but she chooses neither of them, instead accepting a job offer in New York City.

When we next see Dobby in series nine, she is happy with her new life and has an American boyfriend named Gregory, having cut ties with Mark after the so-called "million text month".

Speaking to, Suttie revealed that Mark could have gone even further than extreme texting, by following Dobby to the States in a planned Peep Show movie.

Peep Show - Isy Suttie as Dobby
Peep Show - Isy Suttie as Dobby

She said: "There was talk of us doing, this won't happen now at all, but doing a film version and doing an episode set in New York. So, when Dobby went to New York, there was talk - I don't know how serious it was, but enough for us to be talked to about it - of us all going to New York and filming there.

"Then they just couldn't get the money or it didn't work or whatever. So that would have been interesting because that might have been a different ending, or if there had been a film version then obviously that could have changed things."

There was a three-year gap between series eight and nine of Peep Show, presumably during which these plans for a film adaptation were discussed and ultimately dropped.

Instead, the final series sees Mark fall out of love with Dobby due to her more positive attitude towards life ("she's blossomed"), while Jeremy explores his sexuality with his first gay relationship.


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