Peep Show series eight, episode four: Mark goes on the pull – video

See a clip from this weekend's episode of the Channel 4 sitcom, in which Mark attempts to wow an older woman on his MBA course

Having spent this series of Peep Show variously fretting about his relationship with Dobby, being ripped off by a rogue publisher and cowering in a fox-hole in the middle of a paintball field, things look like they’re about to pick up for Mark in this weekend’s instalment of the sitcom.


In episode four, Mark enrols for an MBA course and meets a lady he’s rather attracted to. She’s older, she’s experienced and – crucially for Mark – she’s “such a proper human being”.

And in this new clip from Channel 4, you can watch Mr. Corrigan trying to subtly woo this academic temptress with talk about setting up a dating agency for single professionals:


Will Mark get the girl, set up his agency and conquer his fear of intriguing-sounding new instant coffee blends? Watch Peep Show at 10:00pm this Sunday on Channel 4 to find out…