Watch our exclusive new trailer for Cold Feet season nine

The five friends return to Manchester in ITV's Bafta-winning comedy drama

Cold Feet s 8 cast Cropped

The trailer for ITV’s Bafta-winning comedy drama Cold Feet has dropped, with more fights, fall-outs and reconciliations promised for the five pals.


In the show’s ninth season, stars James Nesbitt, Hermione Norris, Robert Bathurst, Fay Ripley and John Thomson all return to Manchester as the longtime 50-something friends.

The trailer teases further developments between Adam (James Nesbitt), David (Robert Bathurst) and David’s ex-wife Karen (Hermione Norris), whom Adam began a relationship with last season.

We see Adam suggest that the couple move in together, but David is clearly not happy with their relationship, going as far as to getting into a few scuffles with his old friend. “Don’t know how I was ever friends with that arse,” David complains during a group hike — before pushing Adam off a steep slope.

Viewers also see a tender moment between Pete (John Thomson) and his daughter, as he reveals that he has loved Jenny (Fay Ripley) since his teens, and that he can’t bear to see her “suffer” during her cancer struggle.


You can watch the exclusive first-look trailer for Cold Feet season nine here.