Nintendo threw tonnes of quests and side quests into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and one of the (entirely optional) main quests is ‘Captured Memories’. In this quest, you’re tasked with finding Zelda’s Captured Memories scattered across the Hyrule map.


There are 13 Memories in total to find (there are a few more that are tied to main story missions), each one a snapshot taken by Zelda herself using the Sheikah Slate and revealing chunks of the game’s backstory. The Memory locations can be tricky to pinpoint, but we’re here to help you find them all.

Finding and activating all 13 memories will also give you a bonus scene upon completing the game.

It’s worth noting that you will need to speak with Purah in Hateno Village as part of the ‘Locked Mementos’ quest before Impa tells you about Zelda’s Captured Memories.

You will need to head to each location shown in each Captured Memory in order to complete the quest. Pikango will give you some hints (you can find him in various places such as towns and stables in the daytime) as to the whereabouts of each location.

We’re here so you don’t have to ask Pikango for clues, though. Read on to discover every Breath of the Wild Memory location.

All Memory locations in Zelda Breath of the Wild

Using the extremely helpful video guide from YouTuber Austin John Plays above, you can find all 12 Memory locations in Breath of the Wild in no time.

If you’d rather have a written list of all 13 locations, we’ve got you covered. The list below is in order of each photo on the Sheikah Slate (left to right).

BOTW Memory locations #01 - Sacred Ground Ruins

  • Head north east from Hyrule Field Tower
  • Ruins surrounded by small pools of water just south of Hyrule Castle

BOTW Memory locations #02 - Lake Kolomo

  • Head north from Great Plateau Tower
  • The small ridge you’re looking for is on the west of the lake

BOTW Memory locations #03 - Ancient Columns

  • South of the Tabantha Tower
  • Right next to the Tena Ko’sah Shrine

BOTW Memory locations #04 - Kara Kara Bazaar

  • Along the road heading towards Gerudo Town
  • On the water’s edge of the oasis

BOTW Memory locations #05 - Eldin Canyon

  • Climb the mountain peak that’s west of the Goronbi Lake
  • Should be right by the circle of rocks

BOTW Memory locations #06 - Irch Plain

  • Next to the tree overlooking the west side of Hyrule Castle
  • In the middle of the pools of water just south west of where it reads ‘Irch Plain’ on the map screen

BOTW Memory locations #07 - West Necluda

  • On a hill by the large twisted tree with statues sitting between Scout’s Hill and Deya Lake

BOTW Memory locations #08 - Princess Zelda’s Study (Hyrule Castle)

  • On the bridge right outside Zelda’s Study
  • This is one of the highest points in Hyrule Castle, on the west side of the building
  • Best to head to the west side of the castle and climb that tall tower

BOTW Memory locations #09 - Spring of Power

  • The Spring of Power is actually listed on your map screen (just south of North Akkala Valley)
  • Head there and you should find it pretty easily on a pedestal

BOTW Memory locations #10 - Sanadin Park Ruins

  • The giant horse statue (and Memory) can be found on the road going north between Safula Hill and Nima Plain to the east of Satori Mountain

BOTW Memory locations #11 - Lanayru Road East Gate

  • Just north of Lanayru Bluff
  • The Memory should be by the archway along the road

BOTW Memory locations #12 - Hyrule Field

  • Just to the west of where it reads ‘Hylia River’ on the map screen
  • The Memory should be in the small clearing in the centre of the forest

BOTW Memory locations #13 - Ash Swamp/Blatchery Plain

  • Head back to Impa to reveal the location of the final Memory
  • In the ancient battlefield covered in stone Guardians just south of Ash Swamp and just west of Blatchery Plain

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