Nothing quite warms the heart like an old school cartoony platformer. The fact that they still make fun and family friendly 3D platformers like in the days of Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Dexter, and Ratchet is a testament to how essential this kind of escapism is. Even for us adult gamers, there's only so many dreary corridors and gory monsters we can take.

Clive 'n' Wrench is an upcoming 3D platformer from Numskull Games that'll scratch that itch for a colourful world with anthropomorphic animal protagonists. Clive the rabbit and Wrench the monkey (this time the sidekick is named after a tool) are on a quest to save the world from the evil Dr Daucus.

From the trailer, Clive 'n' Wrench looks to be a fun yarn with a variety of wacky locations, puzzles, and kooky characters. If you want to know more, keep reading because we're going to share all we know!

When is the Clive 'n' Wrench release date?

The release date for Clive 'n' Wrench is 24th February 2023 on all platforms.

This Clive 'n' Wrench release date has now been confirmed on the game's official website, so there's no reason to doubt it!

Can I pre-order Clive 'n' Wrench?

Clive 'n' Wrench is available to pre-order from many online retailers, including Amazon, Argos and GAME, where you'll be given a choice between the standard edition or the collector's edition.

The collector's edition contains, according to the website, a fridge magnet, 16 collectible character cards, a full colour game manual (those were the days!), and the original soundtrack.

You can't pre-order Clive 'n' Wrench on Steam just yet, but you can add it to your wishlist and get notified when pre-purchase is available.

Which consoles and platforms can play Clive 'n' Wrench?

Clive 'n' Wrench will be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Steam. So pretty much all platforms except Xbox, which seems like an odd omission!

Clive 'n' Wrench gameplay and story details

While we don't know a huge amount about the story (and even if we did, we wouldn't spoil), we do know the story centres on Clive the rabbit and Wrench the monkey trying to undo a time travel-themed mistake by Clive’s cousin, Nancy.

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Of course, they want to keep the power of time travelling away from Dr Daucus. Time travelling platformers have always been a delight. Remember Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time Busters?

In terms of gameplay, you can expect 3D platforming inspired by the likes of Sypro the Dragon, Banjo-Kazooie and Crash Bandicoot.

Is there a Clive 'n' Wrench trailer?

There are a couple of trailers available on YouTube, and we've embedded the main one for you below.

We hope the trailer tides you over until the Clive 'n' Wrench release date in February!

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