When is McDonald & Dodds season 2’s release date? ITV drama renewed

After the second of two feature-length episodes, fans will be wondering whether the detective drama will return to our screens

McDonald & Dodds

ITV has commissioned a second series of odd couple detective drama McDonald & Dodds, with Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins set to reprise their respective roles.


Following the success of the show’s two feature-length episodes, which aired in March, the ambitious DCI McDonald and the quietly brilliant DS Dodds will return to our screens in three new murder mysteries.

Created and written by Robert Murphy (Shetland, DCI Banks), series two will see the Bath-based crime-solving pair reunite again to forge a rumbustious and highly effective partnership, despite their extreme differences of character.

While ITV has not yet announced which supporting actors will be guest starring in season two, we’re bound to see an array of British talent joining the cast after the likes of Robert Lindsay, Hugh Dennis, Susannah Fielding, Freddie Fox and Joanna Scanlan featured in the McDonald & Dodds cast for the first series.

“We’re delighted with the audience reaction to the first series of McDonald and Dodds,” said ITV’s Drama Commissioner Huw Kennair Jones.

“The two characters couldn’t be further apart, which is what makes the series so intriguing to watch. They shouldn’t have chemistry, but they do, and they work brilliantly in partnership which is testimony to Robert’s script and Tala and Jason for bringing McDonald & Dodds to life.”

Here’s everything you need to know about McDonald & Dodds season two.

When is McDonald & Dodds season 2’s release date?

While ITV have green-lit series two, there’s no word yet as to when filming will begin and when we’re likely to see it on screen.

We’ll be updating this page with any news we hear, so watch this space for all your McDonald and Dodds needs!

Will there be episodes of McDonald & Dodds?

ITV has confirmed that McDonald & Dodds will be returning with three new episodes for season two.

McDonald & Dodds was originally commissioned as two feature-length episodes: The Fall of the House of Crockett (episode one) and A Wilderness of Mirrors (episode two), but after proving popular with viewers, ITV has asked for even more episodes.

McDonald and Dodds

Unfortunately, it’s possible that these three episodes could be McDonald & Dodds’ last, since DCI McDonald firmly stated in the previous series that she would only stay in Bath for two years tops.

Screenwriter Robert Murphy noted that, after series one, “If there are any [episodes] after that, we’ll have to finish within two years – because that’s when McDonald is going, don’t you think? She’s a woman of her word.”

DS Dodds is also rapidly nearing retirement, with his boss Houseman (James Murray) keen to organise a goodbye party as soon as possible.

But the show’s co-stars have a solution to this two-year time limit.

“I think she’s going to fall in love with Bath and I think she’ll stay around for at least seven years,” Gouveia joked, while Watkins added: “Dodds will find his own birth certificate and realise he’s actually only 42. I mean, I think there’s so much potential in the format, in the relationships.”

McDonald & Dodds season 2 cast

Tala Gouveia (Cold Feet) and Jason Watkins (The Crown) will be reprising their respective roles of DCI Lauren McDonald and DS Dodds.

There’s no news as to who’ll be guest starring in the upcoming series, however Watkins mentioned before the show’s renewal that it would be sure to attract more brilliant guest stars “if we are fortunate enough to continue”.

Hopefully he’s right, and we’ll see a stellar cast similar to last series, which featured Robert Lindsay, Susannah Fielding, Ellie Kendrick, Freddie Fox and Joanna Scanlan.


The first series of McDonald & Dodds is available to stream on BritBox. If you’re looking for something to watch tonight, check out our TV Guide.