Emmerdale: Debbie’s nightmare as Sarah collapses – here’s what happens next

Time is running out for the teenager in need of a heart transplant


Emmerdale’s Debbie Dingle is devastated after daughter Sarah Sugden collapsed after lying about her health and pushing herself to attend the school dance, and now faces a race against time for a new heart – will she survive?


Tonight’s double bill of Dales drama, on Thursday 5 July, saw sickly Sarah sneakily fib to her mum she felt well enough to go to her school disco despite hiding her progressing symptoms of heart failure.

Confiding in young relative Samson at the dance she feared her health was deteriorating, Sarah couldn’t even make it into the school hall and sat outside the whole evening scared she’d overdone it – swearing Samson to secrecy when her mum later arrived to collect her.

Back at home Sarah sheepishly admitted to Deb she lied to the doctor and her family about how she was really feeling as she was fed up of being wrapped in cotton wool, and wanted to feel ‘normal’ for a change and not defined by her illness.


Fuming Debbie raged at Sarah for potentially putting herself in danger sparking a huge row between mother and daughter that ended when the teenager dramatically collapsed and slipped into unconsciousness.

Tomorrow’s episode sees the consultant deliver worrying news to Debbie about Sarah’s health, and the story continues next week when doctors insists the unwell girl remains in hospital until she has her heart transplant.


Why has Sarah collapsed? Will she wake up? What is the latest development in her condition? And will a donor be found in time?


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