Zoey Deutch on the possibility of a Set It Up 2: “It’s not a no…”

The Politician star is currently working on a "spiritual sequel" to the hit Netflix rom-com

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Zoey Deutch has suggested that a Set It Up sequel may eventually happen, but dampened fans’ hopes that it will arrive any time soon.


The star told RadioTimes.com that it’s “not a no” when asked if the sequel will ever happen, and added: “I will say that I think there will be more from Glen [Powell] and I.”

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean what fans will be hoping it means.

Deutch and her Set It Up co-star Glen Powell and director Katie Silberman are currently focused on their upcoming collaborative effort Most Dangerous Game, a film about entirely new characters that is set to go into production next year.

She describes that film as a “spiritual sequel”, which has “the best of both worlds”. But she was unable to go into detail about the plot.

“Glen and I love spiritual sequels,” she said, ahead of the launch of her new Netflix series The Politician. “We made Everybody Wants Some, which Richard Linklater said was a spiritual sequel to Dazed and Confused, and now we’re making a spiritual sequel to Set It Up – we just really like that. I think its getting the best of both worlds, we’re getting the same thing and doing something different.”

“Since we officially announced that it’s happening, once a day I think ‘I wish I could wake up today and start shooting this movie’ – I’m just stoked. That’s a real gift.”

So there’s no solid guarantee of a sequel for fans of Set It Up, which was a surprise hit when it premiered in 2018. But another Netflix rom-com from the same team? We’ll take it.


The Politician will be streaming on Netflix from Friday (27th September).