Kids' Halloween costume choices can be a nightmare – if you're in the 99% of parents that doesn't have time to sew, dye or Papier-mâché a custom costume from scratch, we have a few suggestions...


Here are our top ten picks for Halloween costumes for kids in 2019 inspired by film, TV and video games.

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic costume
Sonic costume Rubie's

The '90s video game star has never really left popular culture and is about to get a whole new lease of life in a big screen adventure in cinemas early next year. So why not get ahead of the curve and turn up at this year’s fancy dress extravaganza as everyone’s favourite blue spinning hedgehog?

Price: From £19.28 on Amazon



Some fans consider Dobby's death in Harry Potter to be the most tragic of the franchise, and what better way to honour him - and give the Harry Potter costume world a shake-up beyond the classic Harry / Hermione options - than to dress your child up as him?

The essential item will be a mask of Dobby's face, but you can get extra house-points for cutting holes in a sack and tying the waist with brown string. Super-fans will also know to carry a sock to show that Dobby is free.

Price: From £14.99 on Amazon


Jigsaw outfit

This Evil Puppet Costume is the perfect way to turn your little darling into the stuff of nightmares (and of award-winning feature films). An unofficial costume, it comes at a lower price than the adult version, which your wallet will thank you for.

Price: From £18.99 on Amazon

Chucky doll

Chucky costume
Chucky costume Fancy Dress Queen

Your child might not have seen Child's Play (at least we hope not) but they're sure to appreciate the universally accepted creepiness of evil dolls, and only kids can really pull this one off. Double points for dressing your youngest as the doll and your eldest as Andy Barclay. Bearing in mind that Andy is the perfect character for a child who doesn't like getting dressed up but doesn't want to miss out on Halloween, it seems this Chucky doll idea can do no wrong.

Price: From £14.99 on Amazon

A Ghost


You're never too young to dress up, and with options for all ages from babies to toddlers to older children, anyone can be a ghost. This classic low-effort costume can be made ultra-adorable if paired with an adult in a Ghostbusters costume.

Price: From £13.99 on Amazon

Buzz Lightyear


Following Toy Story 4's release this summer, the 90's favourite Buzz Lightyear costume has become a strong option for Halloween again. Suitable for girls or boys, what's not to love about this space-ranger costume?

Price: From £16.38 on Amazon

A Cake

Cupcake costume
Cupcake costume Rasta Imposta

Wear a chef outfit alongside your little cake to make this costume even sweeter.

Piece: From £34.23 on Amazon

The Little Mermaid


Ahead of the release of the upcoming live-action film, little girls and boys will be able to become mer-people themselves with this adorable The Little Mermaid outfit. Choose a red (from the classic animation) or brown (as in the upcoming live-action version) wig to complete the look.

Price: From £14.99 on Amazon.



Your kid will look equally as adorable as the real minions from Despicable Me in this Minion Costume. You can even coordinate the whole family by dressing up as Gru and getting matching minion costumes for everyone else.

Price: From £15.78 on Amazon.



This Supergirl costume is sure to delight any kid, whether they're a fan of the franchise or not.

Price: From £18.05 on Amazon.

Minecraft's Steve


The popular kids' game Minecraft offers an original but instantly recognisable Halloween costume option - the main protagonist, Steve. To toughen up the costume you can also add a diamond sword (real diamonds not included).


Price: From £23.63 on Amazon.