And now, a man dressed as Aladdin flying a magic carpet down the street

He's one jump ahead of the traffic


Want to show someone a whole new world, that’s shining, shimmering and altogether splendid?


Turns out you don’t have to go all the way to Agrabah to find a magical carpet to help you do it, because there’s a guy flying around the streets of Tel Aviv on one as is.

Except, of course, instead of being the work of a genie, his rug is a work of human geni-e-us. We’re here all week.

לא יודע אם תאמינו לי, אבל ראיתי עכשיו את אלאדין עובר באדום על השטיח באלנבי…#ישלנומנצחלפורים

Posted by Aviad Rosenfeld on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

All you need is a motorised skateboard and a great big carpet.


Here’s another one spotted in the USA last year when YouTubers Prank vs Prank got creative.