The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby

Tom McGrath (2017)

U Certificate
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A newborn in a Brooks Brothers suit battling evil corporations may not be the most likely source for pre-teen laughs, but this is a wild and witty animation for all the family. Seven-year-old Tim (voiced by Miles Christopher Bakshi and by Tobey Maguire, as a grown-up, narrating the story) is horrified when his parents bring home a baby brother (voiced by Alec Baldwin). He's disturbed, not least because the new arrival can already talk and is dressed for Wall Street. After a fractious start, the siblings team up to save mum and dad (Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow) from evil industrialists, learning important lessons about love and family along the way. Baldwin's wisecracking mini-mogul is essentially a talcum-tushed version of Jack Donaghy, the hard-nosed TV network exec he played in the sitcom 30 Rock. There are also sly references to other roles in the actor's CV - surely, this must be the first kids' movie to include a gag based on a scene from a David Mamet play. The family values slant is a tad mawkish (Pixar do that sort of thing so much better), not that it detracts from the riotous chuckles peppered throughout the script.


A youngster believes his baby brother is actually a power-hungry tycoon sent to destroy his perfect family life. Animated comedy, featuring the voices of Alec Baldwin, Steve Buscemi and Jimmy Kimmel.

Cast & Crew

Boss Baby Alec Baldwin
Janice Templeton Lisa Kudrow
Francis E Francis Steve Buscemi
Older Tim / Narrator Tobey Maguire
Ted Templeton Jimmy Kimmel
Tim Miles Christopher Bakshi
Triplets Eric Bell Jr
Staci ViviAnn Yee
Director Tom McGrath
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: 20th Century FoxAvailable on: DVD and Blu-rayReleased on: 7 Apr 2017
Comedy Drama