What time is Death in Paradise series 7 on TV?

Ardal O'Hanlon will soon return for his first full series as DI Jack Mooney after taking over from Kris Marshall


Series seven of Death in Paradise is here, with Ardal O’Hanlon settling in to life full time in Saint Marie as DI Jack Mooney.


The Irish widower was persuaded to move to the island at the end of series six so DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) could return to London, leaving the police department in safe hands.

What time is Death in Paradise on TV?

The series continues Thursday 18th January at 9pm on BBC1.

There are eight episodes in this series, and the show will air on Thursday nights.

What can we expect from the latest episode?

Thriller writer Frank O’Toole (James Faulkner) is celebrating 40 years of success with his former-actress wife (Imogen Stubbs), bluff literary agent (Simon Callow) and adoring research assistant/prodigy (Sian Gibson) in his hilltop home on Saint Marie. Next thing you know he’s floating in the sea with a knife stuck very neatly in his chest. DiP’s murders are always like this – well mannered and never, ever gory.

DI Jack Mooney (Ardal O’Hanlon) bumbles about, crisply aided by sidekick Florence, trying to solve what’s essentially another “locked door mystery”. It’s probably the most undemanding piece of entertaining hokum currently on TV: formulaic, charming and whimsical, it’s like Midsomer Murders meets Agatha Christie with added sunshine and reggae. But that’s not such a bad thing.

Review by Jane Rackham

What will happen in the new series of Death in Paradise?

Death in Paradise

Having swapped his life in London for the sunny Caribbean, DI Jack Mooney will be getting used to his new colleagues Florence, JP, Dwayne and the Commissioner.

“He’s still trying to find his feet as a detective on the island and trying to work out the way things happen,” Ardal O’Hanlon tells us.

But he’ll settle in quickly with the help of his team and a few drinks at Catherine’s Bar, and as Josephine Jobert (DS Florence Cassell) says, “He has his own fantastic way of getting to the punchline where he may tell a story of his past, and we’re just sitting there going, ‘okay, cool, man.’ So you see how Caribbean officers and French officers match with his very Irish approach, almost folktale approach to his work. He’s fantastic. Jack is great.”

There’s a love interest for Dwayne (“I think he meets his match in this series,” O’Hanlon tells us), while JP will run up against an old rival.

Actor Tobi Bakare reveals: “He has an old foe that becomes embroiled in one of the cases, and the bias begins and you see a different side of JP, a completely different side of JP, which for me as an actor was great to explore because it breaks the model of the show, and it breaks what we know about the character.

“It breaks the dynamic in the team; you see JP exposed and vulnerable in a different way than he would normally be.”

And for his part, the Commissioner will be getting more hands-on this series as he dabbles in detective work…

Who stars in Death in Paradise?

Ardal O'Hanlon in Death in Paradise

Alongside O’Hanlon, the main cast will all return. Joséphine Jobert plays DS Florence Cassel, Mooney’s right-hand woman, with Danny John-Jules as Dwayne Myers and Tobi Bakare as JP Hooper.

Don Warrington returns as Commissioner Selwyn Patterson, and Élizabeth Bourgine as Catherine Bordey. Mooney’s daughter Siobhan is played by newcomer Grace Stone.

There will also be a strong line-up of guest actors in series seven, including Car Share’s Sian Gibson and Poldark actors Harry Richardson and Richard Harrington.

Where is Death in Paradise filmed?

Death in Paradise is filmed in Guadeloupe, which stands in for the fictional island of Saint Marie. It is mainly shot in the commune of Deshaies, which doubles for the town of Honoré.

Scenes have been shot in the Fort Royal Hotel, and the “shack” is constructed on La Perle beach – one of the most beautiful spots on the island.


Things aren’t always idyllic, however: filming had to be suspended in September 2017 because of Hurricane Irma.