When is Electric Dreams back on TV?

Channel 4 confirms that the sci-fi series will return with four more episodes – although not until 2018

Channel 4 (JG)

This Sunday sees the final episode in the current run of Channel 4’s sci-fi anthology series Electric Dreams, with a story about war and human nature starring Bryan Cranston called Human Is.


However, this isn’t the last episode of Electric Dreams, or even of this particular series, with four more episodes in the pipeline due to come to the broadcaster at some point early next year.

At the time of writing Channel 4 has given no further release date information, but we do know some details of the remaining episodes in Electric Dreams’ split first series, as you can read below.

Kill All Others

  • Cast includes: Mel Rodriguez, Vera Farmiga
  • Written by: Dee Rees, who also directs the episode
  • Based on: The Hanging Stranger by Philip K. Dick
  • Air date: TBC

After a politician (Farmiga) makes a shocking statement encouraging violence, a man is apparently murdered and left hanging from a lamppost. Mysteriously ignored by passersby, only one man (Rodriguez) questions the situation, making himself an instant target as dark forces close in.


  • Cast includes: Juno Temple, Janelle Monae
  • Written by: Pacific Rim and Clash of the Titans’ Travis Beacham
  • Based on: Autofac by Philip K. Dick

Human society has collapsed, and a vast, automatic factory keeps humanity oppressed after deciding that freedom of choice and free will only delay consumption of its products. A small band of rebels (including Temple and Monae) are all that stand in the factory’s way – but when they resolve to destroy it, they may find that they’re the perfect consumers after all.

Safe and Sound

  • Cast includes: Annalise Basso, Maura Tierney
  • Written by: The Man in the High Castle’s Kalen Egan and Travis Sentell
  • Based on: Foster You’re Dead by Philip K. Dick

An anxious small-town girl (Basso) moves to an enormous futuristic city with her mother (Maura Tierney), and finds her days gripped by fear and paranoia in a society obsessed with security and terrorist prevention. However, she soon finds some comfort from an unexpected source.

Father Thing

  • Cast includes: Greg Kinnear, Jack Gore, Mireille Enos
  • Written by: Michael Dinner
  • Based on: The Father-Thing by Philip K. Dick

As aliens quietly invade Earth by replacing individual humans, only a young boy (Gore) realises that his father (Kinnear) has become a dangerous monster. Desperate to protect his mother (Enos) and the human race in general, he must make terrible decisions to save them all.

So if you were hankering for yet more Electric Dreams, fear not – you don’t have to wake up to a world without creepy sci-fi quandaries after all.


Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams will return to Channel 4 in early 2018