Meet the cast of Our Girl series three

Michelle Keegan leads the cast of series 3 with Luke Pasqualino, Ben Aldridge and Shalom Brune-Franklin


Our Girl is back for a brand new series. This time, there are 12 episodes – split into three tours – and the first miniseries takes 2 Section to Nepal. All the familiar faces are back – including Michelle Keegan’s Georgie Lane and Luke Pasqualino’s Elvis Hart – with a host of supporting cast as the British Army tackle the effects a series of devastating earthquakes have on a remote Nepalese village.


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Corporal Georgie Lane (played by Michelle Keegan)


Gutsy and dedicated to her job, Georgie is an experienced army medic from Stockport who was first introduced to Our Girl viewers in series two. She has been on several tours with the army and relishes her work but her professional life is often tangled up with her personal one – particularly when it comes to first love Elvis Harte who stood her up at the altar. The pair reconnected last series but for Georgie their relationship is strictly business. Can Elvis persuade her otherwise – or will Georgie find what she’s looking for elsewhere?

Who is Michelle Keegan?

She first found fame as Tina McIntyre in Coronation Street but, since quitting the soap in 2014, Michelle Keegan’s career has gone from strength to strength. Soon after exiting the cobbles, she landed a lead role in the second series of BBC1 drama Ordinary Lies, before taking over from Lacey Turner for series two of Our Girl (after the EastEnders actress returned to the soap). Her debut as Georgie Lane was well received by critics and viewers and was rewarded by a 12-episode recommission, beginning with this autumn’s Nepal Tour. In the meantime, she has played Tina Moore – wife of footballing legend Bobby –  in ITV’s drama Tina & Bobby earlier this year. Keegan is married to former TOWIE star Mark Wright.

“This season we pick up with Georgie at home with her friends and family, and she gets a call from Captain James asking her to come out to Nepal for a NGO relief mission. She’s still independent, not with Elvis, putting her career first and loving being in the Army.” Michelle Keegan

Elvis Harte (played by Luke Pasqualino)


Elvis Harte may have redeemed himself somewhat but he’s still not exactly in Georgie’s good books. The Special Forces officer stood her up at their wedding at the start of series two and, while they’re now on speaking terms, he’s assured their relationship will never progress beyond their current professionalism. Still, Elvis has a habit of getting what he wants and – with both on assignment in Nepal – the two soon come face-to-face once again. Will she be able to resist his charm?

Who is Luke Pasqualino? 

Most of us first became aware of Luke Pasqualino when he played Freddie McClair in E4 drama Skins. Since then, he’s gone on to bag roles in BBC1’s big-budget Musketeers (playing d’Artagnan) and US series Snatch, opposite Rupert Grint and Ed Westwick. He’s also cropped up in The Borgias, Drunk History and Miranda.

“Georgie and Elvis’s relationship is very up and down. They’re still very much in love with each other but there’s something in there that drives them apart.” Luke Pasqualino

Private Maisie Richards (played by Shalom Brune-Franklin)


Maisie Richards is fearless – but not always in a good way. The young private is bold, brash and often reckless but is the life and soul of any group and her advanced driving skills make her an asset to 2 Section. Unsurprisingly, she rubs Georgie up the wrong way, thanks in large part to her rash decision making which often puts her colleagues at risk. Will her attitude and behaviour plunge her team into peril as they enter dangerous territories?

Who is Shalom Brune-Franklin?

Born to a Mauritian mother and Thai-English father, Shalom Brune-Franklin is a relative newcomer to the scene. Growing up in St Albans, she moved to Australia as a teenager and studied drama in Perth. Since graduating, she’s landed roles in Australian drama Doctor Doctor and Channel 4’s miniseries The State, and has a small part in Marvel blockbuster Thor: Ragnorak – but Our Girl is her first major appearance on British television.

“Maisie is one crazy lady. She’s rebellious, she loves to be the hero and bend the rules to save someone. She’s a helper. She’s outspoken, rebellious but good-natured.” Shalom Brune-Franklin

Captain James (played by Ben Aldridge)


Captain James is a proven leader, inspiring loyalty – and friendship – with his unit. An army man to the core, he is a respected officer and has been a good friend to Georgie over the years. In series one he met Lacey Turner’s army medic Molly Dawes and the pair have since married. But could this capable and calm army man be hiding big secrets beneath the surface?

Who is Ben Aldridge?

A member of the Our Girl cast since series one, Ben Aldridge is the link between Molly and Georgie. He’s enjoyed a varied acting career over the last ten years, appearing in series three and four of the BBC’s Lark Rise to Candleford, as well as showing up in US drama Reign and Stan Lee’s Lucky Man. Fleabag fans might also recognise him as the on-off love interest for Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character in the breakout BBC3 hit.

“I think [Captain James] started to become a little war weary in series two and that’s progressed even more. We go back to Afghanistan in this series and I think he starts to question the British involvement in the country. He’s done five tours there – was it worth it? He’s starting to question what he does and the ethics of it. We see him losing it a little bit.” Ben Aldridge

Milan (Rudi Dharmalingam)


Milan is a Nepalese engineer working in the village where 2 Section are sent following a devastating series of earthquakes. Passionate about his local community – and easy on the eye – he soon captures the attention of Georgie and romance blossoms. But is she really capable of moving on from Elvis?

Who is Rudi Dharmalingam?


Rudi is a British actor and – right now – is a regular fixture on our TV screens, playing receptionist Alex in BBC1 thriller Rellik and cropping up in an episode of Channel 4’s Electric Dreams titled The Commuter. Prior to that, he’s shown up in Casualty, Coronation Street, Hollyoaks (playing Tarik over five episodes) and Doctor Who episode Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.