Meet the cast of Barbara Windsor biopic Babs

The BBC1 film follows the life of Barbara Windsor from 1943 to 1993 – find out more about the cast and characters here


BBC1 is celebrating Barbara Windsor with Babs, a touching biopic of the Carry on and EastEnders star made to mark her 80th birthday.


Windsor herself will appear in the film, along with Samantha Spiro and Jaime Winstone playing younger versions of her at key points in her life.

Find out more about the key cast and characters below.

Barbara Windsor – Samantha Spiro


Older Babs reflects on her life from an empty theatre, while the ghosts of her loved ones pop up all around her. Alongside a vision of her estranged father, the cockney star comes to terms with her grief and success, and marvels at how the show would always go on despite personal pains. 

What have I seen Samantha Spiro in before? Spiro previously played Barbara Windsor in the play Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick. The double Olivier Award-winning actress also appeared in Game of Thrones as Melessa Tarly (Samwell’s mother), and is set to appear later this series in Doctor Who.

Barbara Windsor – Jaime Winstone


Younger Barbara is the irresistible heroine of the show. Utilising her flirtatious charm, she builds a glittering career for herself, dreaming of seeing her name in lights. Constantly on the brink of glory, Barbara is let down by a series of good-for-nothing men, despite the fact she’s “got something” other actresses don’t have.

What have I seen Jaime Winstone in before? Following in the footsteps of her movie star dad Ray Winstone, Jaime is best-known for playing Becky in the film Kidulthood, but has also appeared in Made in Dagenham and hit teen romance Love, Rosie with Lily Collins.

Barbara Windsor – herself


The real Barbara Windsor appears in the film, often to tut at her younger self’s naivety.


What have I seen Barbara Windsor in before? Dame Barbara was adored as Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders – “get outta my pub!” – a role she played for 25 years, but she left the show last year. She was also revered as the blonde bombshell in the Carry On films.