The Frasers return to Scotland 

Claire and Jamie stay true to their word and leave Paris and its traumatic memories behind. Those catchy opening credits even change to reflect the shift in location. No more "chante-moi l'histoire"... 


Familiar faces and family reappear 

Some much-loved faces from season one are there to be relied on when, battered and bruised, Claire and Jamie retreat to the relative calm of the Highlands. Life will never be the same again for the Frasers, and Faith will never be forgotten, but a return to rural routine goes some way to heal their wounds. 

And, you might not have missed then, but some not-so-loved characters make their presence known too. 


The plotting and scheming continues 

Claire and Jamie might have abandoned their plan to prevent Bonnie Prince Charlie's attempt to take back the British throne when they left Paris, but that doesn't mean the story - or the political scheming - is over. It's just completely and utterly different to the polite royal courts. More shouting, more belittling, more threats. 


Claire continues to channel La Dame Blanche 

It's a handy story to tell, okay? Countless uses... 


And she meets a seer 

Never far from those who toe the line between reality and the supernatural, Claire meets a seer - a woman who has visions of the future - upon her return to Scotland. And the chance meeting proves surprisingly useful. 


A secret about Jamie's family history is revealed 

As if we weren't finding the complicated hierarchy of the clan system confusing enough, Claire uncovers a secret in Sunday's episode which shines a light on Jamie's complicated family history. 

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