Dark Tide

  • 15
  • John Stockwell (2012)
  • US / S Afr
  • 108 min
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2 out of 5

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez clearly enjoyed their time in Cape Town making this shark-attack flick, as they have since become engaged. But few others will share their fond memories, as while director John Stockwell (no stranger to aquatic adventures after Blue Crush and Into the Blue) and cinematographer Jean-François Hensgens make the ocean look simultaneously fascinating and forbidding, the screenplay simply strings together hoary clichés and caricatures. Traumatised after seeing her assistant (Sizwe Msufu) savaged by a great white, shark expert Berry has broken up with her cameraman boyfriend (Martinez) and allowed her boat trip business to decline. But an obnoxiously wealthy Brit (Ralph Brown) makes her an offer she can't refuse to let him and his son swim outside a shark cage, with all-too-predictable consequences. The cast works hard, but not even the climactic tempest can whip up much excitement.

Plot Summary

A shark expert is left traumatised by a tragic accident that cost a friend his life. She is eventually persuaded to return to the ocean by a businessman who wants to give his son a close encounter with the aquatic predators. However, as they head further out to sea, they are caught in a fierce storm and surrounded by the deadly creatures. Thriller, starring Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez.

Cast and crew


Kate Mathieson
Halle Berry
Jeff Le Grange
Olivier Martinez
William Brady
Ralph Brown
Luke Brady
Luke Tyler
Mark Elderkin
Sizwe Msufu
Thoko Ntshinga


John Stockwell

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Available on DVD and BluRay
Released 19 Oct 2012
Certificate 15