The Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden

Gerald Thomas (1962)

U Certificate


Our Score
This largely misfiring British comedy from Carry On director Gerald Thomas attempts to marry The Maggie and The Titfield Thunderbolt, but ultimately fails to match either. Yet again we have grown men going weak at the knees over a piece of clapped-out machinery, but here it's a traction engine instead of a boat or a train and, frankly, it strains for the same level of romance. Off to a slow start, the picture falls away towards the middle and finishes with a traction race that's hard not to like, even if it does steal every "aren't enthusiasts funny" joke that escaped being nailed down in Genevieve.


An aircraft designer's passion for traction engines almost ruins his business. Comedy, starring Michael Craig, Anne Helm and Cecil Parker.

Cast & Crew

Jack Hopkins Michael Craig
Kathy Fisher Anne Helm
Mrs Fisher Jeff Donnell
Paul Fisher Alan Hale Jr
Admiral Sir Digby Trevelyan Noel Purcell
Sir Giles Trent Cecil Parker
Lord Upshott Roland Culver
Mrs Fred Joan Sims
Mrs Webb Judith Furse
Humphrey John Standing
Vicar Brian Oulton
Fred Sam Kydd
Duke of Bedford Duke of Bedford
Director Gerald Thomas
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Anglo AmalgamatedAvailable on: video and DVD