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We 3

Nando Olival (2011)

15 Certificate


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Three Sao Paulo flatmates have their ultra-close relationship further complicated by participation in an online reality show in this handsomely shot but emotionally timid love-triangle tale from Brazil. Once they start to live a largely scripted home life, pals Gabriel Godoy, Victor Mendes and Juliana Schalch find the charming, laid-back intimacy of their student days replaced by superficiality and fakeness that gradually threaten the bond they're so desperate to maintain. Initially, there's a gentle humour in the trio's playing-up to the webcams, with writer/director Nando Olival using their audience-grabbing actions to casually address issues of voyeurism, viewer manipulation and truth. Yet the more the friends mask their real feelings, the less convincing and appealing events become. By the final third, even supposedly honest moments seem insincere, while the excessively languid pacing and bland ending exacerbate the sense of a plot that's run out of steam.


Three university friends share an apartment after they graduate, but are unable to find work. They support themselves by turning their lives into a reality show, seeking sponsorship from a store keen to market their youthful lifestyle. However, maintaining a public image creates a complex web of lies. Drama, starring Gabriel Godoy, Victor Mendes and Juliana Schalch. In Portuguese.

Cast & Crew

Camila Juliana Schalch
Cazé Gabriel Godoy
Rafael Victor Mendes
Guilherme Rafael Maia
Bárbara Sophia Reis
Heraldo Alceu Nunes
Josias Henrique Taubaté
Director Nando Olival
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Other Information

Language: Portuguese +subtitlesColour