Emilio Estevez (2006)

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Despite the title, this is not a biopic of US presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy but a snapshot of a precise time and place in history. The drama unfolds on a single momentous day in 1968 at the Los Angeles hotel that acted as Kennedy's campaign headquarters. Writer/director Emilio Estevez personalises the story with glimpses into the lives of staff, guests and members of the senator's campaign team, played by a starry ensemble cast that includes Estevez himself, his father Martin Sheen, Anthony Hopkins, Demi Moore and Elijah Wood. But it's Sharon Stone who impresses the most, barely recognisable as the hotel stylist whose manager husband (William H Macy) is having an affair with a switchboard operator (Heather Graham). With so many characters on show, the movie tends to lack a little in narrative drive (and the dialogue sometimes seems heavy and self-important), but what it does brilliantly is re-create the mood of the time. The real Bobby Kennedy is seen in archive footage and while he's seemingly reduced to a supporting player in the film that bears his name, the promise he represented infuses everything. Of course most viewers will know how it ends, but that does not make those final scenes any less heart-rending.


Ensemble drama, following the interweaving stories of guests and staff at a Los Angeles hotel on the night Robert Kennedy was killed. The various characters include a kitchen worker (Laurence Fishburne) who tries to persuade younger colleagues against seeking revenge on their racist boss (Christian Slater), a young man (Elijah Wood) who plans to marry his brother's girlfriend (Lindsay Lohan) to avoid being sent to Vietnam, an alcoholic singer (Demi Moore) and the married manager (William H Macy), who is having an affair with receptionist Heather Graham. Anthony Hopkins, Martin Sheen and Sharon Stone also feature in the star-studded cast.

Cast & Crew

Paul Ebbers William H Macy
Timmons Christian Slater
John Casey Anthony Hopkins
Miriam Ebbers Sharon Stone
Nelson Harry Belafonte
Tim Fallon Emilio Estevez
Edward Robinson Laurence Fishburne
Angela Heather Graham
Samantha Stevens Helen Hunt
Wade Joshua Jackson
Fisher Ashton Kutcher
Cooper Shia LaBeouf
Diane Lindsay Lohan
Virginia Fallon Demi Moore
Jose Freddy Rodriguez
Jack Stevens Martin Sheen
Miguel Jacob Vargas
Susan Mary Elizabeth Winstead
William Elijah Wood
Dwayne Nick Cannon
Director Emilio Estevez
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Momentum PicturesAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 26 Jan 2007