The Big Lebowski

  • 18
  • Joel Coen (1997)
  • US / UK
  • 112 min
The Big Lebowski
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4 out of 5

While not in the same class as the Coen brothers' previous film, Fargo, this goofy tribute to Raymond Chandler and film noir (particularly The Big Sleep) still comes gift-wrapped with enough good lines, ingenious plot twists and eccentric characters to satisfy their dedicated army of fans. There are, in fact, two Lebowskis: one is Jeff Bridges, who calls himself "the Dude", an ageing hippy who becomes embroiled in the kidnapping of the other Lebowski's wife, aided and abetted by tenpin bowling chum John Goodman. What follows is an insane labyrinth of plot and counterplot that encompasses the drug and porn underworlds, Busby Berkeley fantasies and bath time with a savage marmot. It's a distinctive, crazy treat, decked out with a trademark film noir narration and marvellous performances from Bridges, the toothsome and taciturn Steve Buscemi and Coen regular Goodman, who based his Vietnam-veteran character on the bear-like writer/director John Milius.

Plot Summary

Comedy from the Coen brothers, starring Jeff Bridges and John Goodman. When an unemployed hippy is attacked in his apartment by two thugs who have mistaken him for millionaire Lebowski, he decides to pay a visit to his namesake in the hope of receiving compensation.

Cast and crew


Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski
Jeff Bridges
Walter Sobchak
John Goodman
Maude Lebowski
Julianne Moore
Steve Buscemi
The Big Lebowski
David Huddleston
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Jesus Quintana
John Turturro
Bunny Lebowski
Tara Reid
Treehorn thug
Philip Moon
Treehorn thug
Mark Pellegrino
Peter Stormare
Knox Harrington
David Thewlis
The stranger
Sam Elliott
Jackie Treehorn
Ben Gazzara
Private snoop
Jon Polito
Nihilist woman
Aimee Mann


Joel Coen

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Theatrical distributor: 
Polygram Filmed Entertainment
Contains violence, swearing and drug abuse.
Available on video, DVD and BluRay
Certificate 18