Mark AZ Dippe (1997)

12 Certificate


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This live-action comic-book spin-off promised to duplicate the grim and extremely violent images that were the bestselling comic's hallmarks, but ended up being distributed in a toned-down 12 certificate version; a 15 certificate "Director's Cut " followed later. Michael Jai White plays Al Simmons, a special forces assassin betrayed by boss Martin Sheen and left to die in a burning chemical factory. He goes to hell but, after making a pact with the Devil in return for a glimpse of his wife, is revived on Earth as the scarred Spawn, who becomes caught up in a plot to trigger the apocalypse. Thereafter, it's a standard battle between good and evil as the tricked Spawn (he is returned five years after his death and his wife has remarried) seeks revenge. Dark in tone and crammed with computer-generated effects, it found cult popularity and spawned a follow-up animated series.


A government assassin is left to die after being double-crossed by his boss, but after striking a deal with the Devil he returns to the land of the living to take revenge. However, he also has to contend with a demon sent to ensure he keeps his side of the infernal bargain. Comic-book adventure, with Michael Jai White, Martin Sheen, John Leguizamo, Theresa Randle and Nicol Williamson.

Cast & Crew

Al Simmons/Spawn Michael Jai White
Clown John Leguizamo
Jason Wynn Martin Sheen
Wanda Theresa Randle
Cogliostro Nicol Williamson
Jessica Priest Melinda Clarke
Terry Fitzgerald DB Sweeney
Director Mark AZ Dippe
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Entertainment Film Dists LtdGuidance: Contains violence and swearing. Available on: video and DVD